Friday, March 04, 2005
Painting Me Happy?

A few months ago, my banking crew moved into a new area of the building. We were glad that all of us could finally sit somewhere near each other and not so close to the loud customer service team. Well, by moving, we lost our access to windows!! It was nice to be able to look outside and notice it was getting darker...aka about time to go home. By losing our sight of the outdoors, the days seemed to drag out forever.

Well, the upper management decided that our morale was dwindling. So, some "special" person thought of the idea to paint the walls to make us feel more cheery. I wonder how much they got paid to think of that one! So, now we have a blue wall, a red wall behind me, a green one will be to the side of me, a "mocha" colored one is coming, and the hallway blinds me with bright yellow. Plus, each pole is a different color as well. Might as well confuse us with a circus! I have reddish walls in my bedroom, and does it make me feel that much better about getting up in the AM? Not so much! We'll see if this change helps. If a darn game room that was put in when I started doesn't get used, I doubt color is going to do the trick.

So, I wonder if there is a color that would turn me off from eating and keep me turned on to exercising? I suppose if all junk food was the color of brown "poo", I wouldn't be so tempted to put it in my mouth. For exercising, I can't think of a color....maybe hot pink or lavender? Skittles make me happy so maybe it should be a rainbow of colors. I know my gym could use a new coat of paint just looks so dreary and a bit too filled with testosterone at times (especially the weights area!) I bet I'd stay longer if it looked more like a luxurious spa.

In other news, I have just been slapped with the reality that I'm supposed to be moving in about 2.5 months! Paul just sent me some info about financial institutions and schools in the area yet again. I just haven't got around to investigating anything...I've been too darn busy...or lazy...or something... I don't know, I guess it is really hard to wrap my brain around the idea that I'm getting out of the city that I've lived for all of my life! I'm not really attached to the city itself...I just am really used to knowing my way around. The most time I've spent in NY consecutively is about a week or two. When I head up there later this month, I better start figuring crap out....Paul better be giving me a good incentive to get my ducks in a row!