Monday, February 21, 2005
Two-timing Myself

Well, you know how I said I'd be a wonderful point counter this week due to the diminished cardio? Ha!! My idea went right down the sh*tter the day after I posted it. I've ate my way through french fries, a caramel sundae, soda of the non-diet variety, and cake and candy at my cousin's birthday party!! My thighs are going moooooooo and I might as well hang a bell on my neck and change my name to Bessie!

So, why the heck am I two-timing my body with my other deep love of food? Self-pity about my foot? Sheer laziness? Wanting to eat what everybody else was? I don't know. My body is a temple, and I sure left it in a shambles this week. My stomach and intestines are very upset with me and my skin is declaring war. My self-control flew out the window :(

But, I have my game plan to get back on track the next two days.
  • Monday:
    • Buy groceries using my lovely shopping list to keep me from impulse buying
    • Limit myself to one can of Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper and everything else will be water
    • Haul my arse back to the gym that I have avoided for a week and try aqua aerobics (Thanks for the idea, Peg!) (EDIT: I won't be doing aqua today because I forgot about work, but I'm going to spend some major time on the bike and weights instead...aqua will be moved to Thursday)
  • Tuesday:
    • Go to the 12:15 Weight Watchers meeting
    • Go to Yoga instead of watching American Idol
    • Prepare lunch for school on Wednesday
This is what I WILL do. I'd love to do more, but I am taking small steps so I don't give up. I need to get back on track to hit my 60 pounds gone goal this year!! This bouncing around 35-40 pounds gone range is ending as of right now! I am through with having to get back on track every two or three weeks... Every moment is a new time to start over again, so I can't let a setback throw me off pace. My toe feels a lot better, so I'll see what I can handle. Wish me luck!