Monday, February 07, 2005

Yesterday marked the one month anniversary of my grandfather's death. His photo is on the candle and the picture to the right of it is his children (my mom, aunt, and uncle). His passing still does not feel real to me. I still expect him to come out of the living room or the bedroom any second

To commemorate the day, we went over to my grandma's house. She keeps his candle on the kitchen table so that "he can remind her to take her pills". As we munched on sandwiches, strawberry jello with bananas, and chips, grandma told us more stories about him and his parents. I'm so glad that my grandma is holding up well. Her neighbors and sisters have kept her busy, so that helps her pass the time.

In other unrelated news, my roommates finally decided to worry about where I am! I haven't spent a lot of time at home for the past few weeks due to some issues that were bothering me (finding out her relatives had been goofing around in my room one weekend I was gone was one big reason). I am not sure if they only checked on me because the rent was due, or if they had genuinely been concerned for my wellbeing. I'll be optimistic and think that it was the latter. One of my goals this month is to make a genuine effort to get our friendship back on good footing.

Also, I'm dragging out my Slim in 6 and Power 90 workout DVDs. I got them a few months ago from someone who never ended up using them. I figure it's about time to put them to good use since my regular routine could use a bit of a shake-up.

Since my comment section has been a little quiet lately, I'm asking for some audience participation!! Have any of you used the programs (Power 90 and Slim in 6) before? If so, what is your opinion of them? Also, what videos do you recommend??