Thursday, August 26, 2004
When I Grow Up...

Late night again for me!!! Someday, I will post in the morning...if my brain ever decides to turn on at that time :)

Today is Wednesday, which is also known as "Time for that Lame Chat with Your Supervisor Day". Now normally, these don't bother me because I'm usually ranked high in sales. But this quarter blows big donkey chunks!!! Now, I know I'm not selling differently as far as I can tell, I'm doing lots of loan applications, but money isn't spilling in!! Since I was #2 for the whole center last quarter, my supervisor feels that she has the magic power to figure out where I'm lacking!!! So she has me pull out my sales tracking sheets, my loan logs, just about everything she can think of, and she CAN'T FIND ONE THING to help coach me about. So now, she's going to listen to even more of my calls and see if she can find some word or phrase that I'm saying differently than before. She's just grasping at all of us at the call center know, a lot of our success is the luck of the draw....we can't choose our customers (or their credit) and you have to make the most of it. Then to top off this wonderful day at work, our phone lines get whacked and I start to get disconnected in the middle of my phone calls!! It's happening to everybody, so we all get off the phone..... We weren't allowed to go home, so I'm stuck there for 2.5 hours!!! Can't go watch TV, can't go outside, get bored of talking with was a damn prison!!! When I grow up and figure out what to do with my life, I'm going to make sure I'm the one in charge...maybe my own business...or just something where I'm not just one of the many!!

Foodwise.....we had a giant picnic for the business students at school today....enough said. some walking in....and then pacing through the building at work...planned on doing my pilates video but didn't feel like it after studying. When I start WW next week, I'm going to commit fully to everything again instead of my lackluster half-assed ways right now.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004
Guys in Cowboy Hats

I know most people in other states think the residents in South Dakota are a bunch of hicks or country bumpkins....even sometimes get us confused with the rednecks!! Now, in some parts, that thinking isn't that far off, but in Sioux Falls, I consider us to have a little more "citified" ways. No herds of cattle running loose, not having to wait forever for decent movies to come to town, at least 5 major workout facilities with many branches.... you get the picture.

Well, today I just could not concentrate in psychology class once this cowboy wannabe strolled in the room!! He had a huge black 10-gallon hat ala Garth Brooks or one of those other sad country singers, a huge brass belt buckle, and cowboy boots. He has his thumbs hooked in his belt loops and sauntered to his desk. His shirt advertises one of those comics...I think from the Blue Collar Comedy hour...with the words on the back saying "Git Ir Done". Now, common courtesy would have you think that he'd remove his hat after he sat down. But no, he just leans back in his chair....I almost expect him to prop his feet on the table. If only he'd have on chaps and a farmer's tan, he'd fit the impression that most outsiders think of us...LOL! Maybe he was screaming for attention, maybe he had a bad hair day, but it was soooo hard to read the board with that hat!!

So I ponder, what is he hiding under that hat?? Does he have a bowl haircut?? Big ears?? Maybe he's looking for an overall slimming effect. I then debate about walking past and bumping his hat off with my elbow.... I quickly decide not to because his boots look lethal. Now, I can't remember if I saw him in class the other day....this could be a daily fashion faux pas. I suppose I could just ask him to remove it, but where would be the fun in that??? I'd actually have to pay attention in class....::SIGH:: No more imagining where he's went in his boots, if he's had any good bar room brawls anyway, what size his horse is or if he even has one....

Well anyways, on the health side, I had a good day....didn't skip a meal, drank a bunch of water, did the exercise. I was planning on checking out WW with my mom, but she got called in to work....guess I'll have to wait till next week since the Tuesday meetings are the only day that works, and I really don't want to go alone if there are a lot of old bitties or stuck up snots there!! My work has a plan where they reimburse me for meetings I attend...I can't believe it!! I'm all about taking all the free money from there that I can....that's one reason I'm back in school again. That adventure will have to wait..

Tuesday, August 24, 2004
Damn You, Evil Floats!!

Yes, I made it back to post...I'm not abandoning you, dear little blog :) Yesterday was a bust....I didn't accomplish half of what I wanted to yesterday...I cleaned half my room, did none of my laundry, part of my reading, and I didn't weigh myself...damn procrastination setting in again!!

But, today is another day. I started out on the right foot....took a shower and remembered to eat breakfast before dashing to class....woohoo!!! I parked far away from my class so I'd get some exercise in even though there were plenty of closer parking spots. I even made sure to fill my water jug!! I'm so proud of myself!!!

Everything went great until....THOSE DAMN EVIL ROOT BEER FLOATS!!! See, I had went to work planning on saying no to those complimentary floats the bosses were providing because of our hard work. Well, I was stuck on the phone because it was sooooo busy and before I could do anything, one of the managers placed a huge one on my desk. And gosh, I couldn't just waste it!! And if I dumped it in the garbage, it would smell root beery and be a bit messy. So yes, to save the janitors from stickyness and so I didn't look ungrateful, I drank every last was soooooo yummy and I savored it all. It was just one, and I was good all day before that!!! I figured one wouldn't kill me and it's not like I'm going to have another one!!!

Or so I thought!!! Right before my shift ended, the root beer float fairies came by again....I was also stuck on the phone when they got to my desk, and without even asking, another float magically appeared!! Again, I didn't want to waste down it went into my stomach. My will to say no had pretty much broken down, so I then proceeded to eat a quarter pounder at McDonalds after work....I really had planned on getting the salad, but I just said "Screw it, I'll do better tomorrow!!"

I did get something accomplished today....I'm getting my mom to go to a Weight Watchers meeting with me tomorrow. I had been a member waaaaaay back in middle school....or was it 9th grade....and it didn't go that well because I hated competing with my mom for pounds lost. Well, I'm older now, and I think I can handle it.....and a face-to-face kick in the ass will do me some good. Ediets and my online support group members are great, but after a year, I need some more personal interaction and also some portion control work. I'm ready to give it all I've got again!!! I WILL DO IT!!!

Sunday, August 22, 2004
Just Another Sunday...

Well, it's already noon, and I'm still in my pajamas!! I have so much crap that I should be doing, but I keep putting it off. My new laptop is becoming my best friend!!! Now, that isn't a good thing for getting my body back on track...

My goals for the day:
  1. Clean and organize my room!!! I just cleaned it a week or so ago, and it looks like hell again. My room is just too small for all my crap. I am freeing up some space soon by giving my sister my huge computer and dumping the desk. If only I could knock down a wall to get more space....too bad this isn't my place!! I'd move, but I hate being by myself...I have two roommates...actually 3 for this week... and 2 dogs here that keep the place jumping (except on the weekends) and I just can't beat the price.
  2. Laundry!!! Clothes are spilling out of my laundry bag and I'm running out of clothing options, so I need to get off my ass and tackle this task!!
  3. Study. Yep, I said study. School just started for me last week, and I need to practice some good habits after a four-year lapse in attending!!
  4. Weigh myself...I have been putting off the inevitable...Ediets keeps prompting me to enter my weight in when I log in...but I haven't ever since I started gaining!! I haven't even weighed myself in months. I've been lying to myself...the walk to class is just enough exercise, skipping meals and eating one huge one is ok, Krispy Kremes are healthy, the amount of water I drink now, while less than before, is fine....Lies, Lies, Lies!!! I just pray that I'm not back to my starting weight from a year ago!!! My original fat pants that were tight are still loose, so I'm hoping for the best.

Gosh, there are so many other things that I should be putting on this list.....I HATE SUNDAYS!!! I'm glad I have the day off, but I rarely get to do the fun shit. And now with school, I have even less free time during the week. I may just have to ::SHUDDER:: make out a life schedule. Plan out the food, the exercise, the studying, the cleaning, the internet time, the talking to myself or daydream time, etc. etc., blah!!!!

Well, I better get to it...knowing me, I'll be posting before I finish :)

Saturday, August 21, 2004
Where to Begin???

Well, here goes nothing. After blowing my efforts at weight loss once again, I turn to a new medium to start over fresh. Gawd, why am I doing it??? Nobody will probably be reading this but me... maybe if I put what I'm doing and how I'm feeling and what the *^#! I'm sticking in my mouth in print, I'll keep more accountable.

Damn, I was doing so well last year...40 pounds gone!! I've never had that success before....but then I start getting sick and the docs finally figured out my gallbladder was making me yak up almost every meal for a couple of months, and I got frustrated with my crappy job, and had to move, and blah blah blah, SHIT happens!! Lost my motivation, lost the free gym, lost some time, and I'm almost back to where I began.

So, here I am, back at square one, promising myself I'll work harder this time. I'm too ashamed to bare my soul to my loved ones, so now I'm spilling my guts to the world. I must be nuts or desperate or something....

Welcome to the Gigglepuss Chronicles!!! Maybe I'll learn something along the way :)