Thursday, April 06, 2006
Cripes, I'm Old!

I can't be 28 already!!! I had so many plans that I wanted to accomplish before now :(

One more official sign that I'm getting to be a geezer: I just got an email reminding me about my 10-year high school class reunion. Baaaaaaah!! I still remember much too much about those ol' HS days. Do I really want to see anybody again yet? Guess I have three months to decide.....

Official sign two: the "light light light blonde" hair has not decided to disappear. Natch, guess I'll really have to start plucking or getting a new dye job!

Sign three: my left knee is really starting to whine a lot! After many, many trips up three flights of stairs during my big move, I just could not stand to walk anymore. And yes, it can tell when the weather will change too.

But....other than those gripes, I feel rather young! I still have school and nobody has mistaken me for one of the "returning experienced learners" yet....I'm hanging out with gals a few years younger than me without getting all motherly, and I'm acting like I'm still in college with drinking (yeah, I know, I still have to chill out on that!). I'm just NOT READY FOR A REUNION AND HAVING TO ACT MY AGE AND FIGURE OUT MY LIFE PATH YET!!

Alright, end of rant!