Wednesday, November 23, 2005
Oh Happy Day!

No, not happy day about grandma...although she is breathing slightly on her own...ventilator is still doing much of the work...but hey, it's a positive sign she still is putting up a bit of a fight.

I got a message from my neurologist...make that the nurse of my neurologist yesterday. Yep, when I went to the hospital in October, they had a neurologist check me out too. He ran a few tests on me, checked out some of the other results that were in my file, searched and found my MRI from May, and gave me a couple pain blocks to help my shoulder/left arm. I'm finally getting a call-back about some results. Well, she told me that one of the tests...I think it was the autonomic one...they did came up abnormal and that my blood sugar was screwed up too. She sent the blood results to my regular doctor (actually she said she did a week ago already) and that I should be hearing from him, put me on an anti-seizure/migraine medication (well good thing I won't be getting a seizure since I've seen one and of course, they aren't fun!), and to check in for a follow-up in two weeks. So, maybe we're making some progress in diagnosing the original problem that has been messing around with me since May!

Well anyways, that's the only news fit to print at the moment!!