Monday, November 14, 2005
It's Time!!!

First off, my other blog is up so if anyone wants the link, leave a comment and a way to email you and I'll give it.

This post shall be short....I am just taking a break from tidying little things up in my room. The realtor is going to do a walk-through of the house tomorrow!!!! Hopefully, it looks okay enough because I'll be darned if I'm going to stay up late in order to make it completely perfect.

While cleaning--yes, I know everything happens while I'm cleaning!--I found a Get Well card from my grandma and I teared up. It came earlier this summer when I was having all the neck and shoulder trouble and her writing was pretty darn neat. Now, she won't be writing me anytime soon, let alone talk. Now, with all the problems she's encountered since losing her soulmate, maybe it's a good thing if I never find mine! But, I'll keep looking :)