Friday, November 04, 2005
Vacation...Had to Get Away...

Another lapse in my posting for over a week! And this time, I was really really gone. As in absolutely no computer access...wasn't even near my over a darn week!! Trying to catch up on my favorite blog reading is killing me now, but I didn't miss being away from the net at all. Wow!

I am still gathering my thoughts and deciding what to share...and how to say it... Shocker, I really don't share EVERYTHING about my life here. I'm debating going to another blog about this particular subject...I think it's that important but there I do want a little bit of privacy about this issue (maybe even password-protected). Some people a little close to me read this blog (still not sure how I feel about that), and some things just can't be for their eyes. Of course, they already know what I just went through in general, but they aren't going to get to know the nitty gritty. Maybe that sounds odd...I feel a bit more comfortable sharing with acquaintances than family. Well, I'm a strange duck, so there!

One of my daily assignments is to journal daily, so you'll get to benefit from that (well, at least the trees will since I won't be wasting paper!) And if I do decide to go elsewhere for my other "crud" and you have an inkling of interest, I will post and you can email me for a link. If I stay here, look for a nice lengthy explanation tomorrow.