Tuesday, August 23, 2005
Blog Dreaming

Ooh, I think I have been reading too many blogs lately. I had such a crazy dream last night about a couple of you on my blogroll. First off, I ended up moving to a new apartment (which wasn't really new, it was one that I lived in years ago) and Renee was my new roommate. We chatted a bit and we complimented each other about our furniture choices and lifestyle changes. She commiserated with me about my pap smear from hell and she wished me luck with a possible career change. I was like, "Whoa, girl! How did you know about those things? I didn't even blog about them!"

Then, after we were all settled in, Jenniy stopped by to give us an apartment warming present. We oohed and ahhed over her engagement ring and house photos. She mentioned that it was too bad I had to move since my roommate was getting married. (I have until December...she met the guy from a dating site only 4 or 5 months ago!) She then wished me luck with the cute PhD student I've been talking with. Again, I was blown away with what she knew. Before I could question her about how she found out, I was disturbed from my slumber by the phone. Grrrrrr!

Maybe that's a clue I need to update more often? Well, there's your update! Enjoy :)