Saturday, July 30, 2005
How to Lose 12 Pounds in 10 Days

This is definitely not recommended!
  1. Ignore body signals that something is a bit skewed (kidneys taking a vacation, night sweats, etc.) because you're really sick of going to the doctor and don't want to waste money to be told, "Ummmmm, what do you think we should do?"
  2. Decide that temperatures above 90 degrees F are the PERFECT time to get in some marathon training.
  3. Wait until stomach rebels against you with not being able to keep food down and lovely diarrhea for four days.
  4. Faint at the toilet, wake up and can't remember how you got there, and decide to call the parents to get you to the ER.
  5. Spend four days and three nights at the hospital, being nursed to health by IV, chicken broth, pudding, sherbet, and finally chicken mush and oatmeal before getting to go home.
So yes, I'm home with two pounds back on my body after the ordeal. My internal clock is still on hospital morning mode (5:30 am steal my blood, 6:30 take first set of vitals, 7:30 breakfast mush time) so I can't even sleep in! The ER doc thinks it may have been a bad case of gastroenteritis that has been going around and my regular doctor decides that after my summer of sick fun, I need to go see an infectious disease doctor to figure things out. Wonderful!

So anyways, I joined Renee's Labor Day Beaker Babe Challenge (and again, I do not recommend sickness as a way to get a start on it!), so I'm set for a challenge until then! That'll give me a bit more time to decide my own goals for my next Blogger year!!