Monday, July 11, 2005
Alive and Kicking!!

I made it to my place and I'm fine!! Emotionally at least!! We won't talk about the physical, but peanut butter is helping me bunches. Now I know I should be watching how much I consume, but it is just too easy to slap together a peanut butter sandwich...or peanut butter and banana...or PB&J...I could go on and on. Yes, my ass is probably expanding, but it sticks in the tummy nicely (instead of trying to sneak up my throat!) :)

So, today I got another official email from the Prevention team for the marathon. I was kind of wondering if they ever received my check after almost three months!! It is my official wake-up call that I only have 4 months of training left...and yes I've been slacking. Time to get back on the horse with everything! As long as I get back to work and can afford the trip, I'm so going! Hopefully I'll have Saturdays off by then, so I won't have to ask for any vacation time...which is pretty much nonexistant after this summer!

Yes, I know, I still haven't uploaded my pictures yet from both tripsI'll hunt down my cord tomorrow and hopefully share some of them!! Until then, stay tuned!!