Sunday, June 05, 2005
Waving From Hell!!

Wow, it's June already!! The NYC Challenge is over, the Belly Buster is over, and the Blogger Fat Off is wrapping up by the end of the month, so it's time for another challenge to keep me going. I must admit, the past couple of weeks haven't been the smoothest due to personal troubles and physical pains...why do I let that get in the way?? Arrrgh! So, I'm going to be developing a new goal for the rest of the summer sometime this week. I have to analyze my stats and figure out what I want to work on now.

I'm still dealing with Paul aftermath. If I receive one more email from a member of his family, I'll crack! I won't go into too many details...but I am SOOOOOOO glad I'm through with him after the totally fucked-up story I've been told to make me feel guilty. I know the story isn't I'm not going to respond to the notes/calls until they get tired and stop the stupid charade. And if for some reason the story about Paul's condition now is true (which it totally isn't because I know how to verify information), let him freaking haunt me. I DARE YOU!!

Finally, tomorrow I start back to my marathon training. After walking miles and miles through NYC, I know one of my pairs of shoes aren't going to work for the MCM. I have some beautiful blisters to prove it!! So, looks like I'll be doing some more actual road testing :)