Thursday, May 12, 2005
In the Home Stretch!!

OMG...I am finally feeling halfway OK. Well, my neck isn't as stiff and my head doesn't hurt as much. Dizziness and nausea and blurry vision still pretty darn persistent, but I can almost deal with that. I was supposed to go to the PT today, but there was a sign saying they were closed for the rest of the afternoon. I expected a courtesy call since I did have a scheduled appointment, so I'll have to call tomorrow to reschedule.

So, as I said in the last post, another PT was going to take a look at me on Tuesday. She did an ultrasound of my neck, used a big tingling cushion thing on me, and had me do some neck exercises. She told me to have a checkup with my doctor ASAP because she thinks it may be artery related, as the other PT had guessed. Yesterday, I went back to my doctor and sat there for quite awhile waiting for him. In the next room, I heard him admitting another patient to the hospital so that was understandable. I just hoped he had his brain on this time. Last week, I noticed he wrote my prescription in my mom's name when I got to the car and had to get that fixed. He came in, asked how I felt, asked about new symptoms (cramping in chest and shoulder ever since Saturday after a morphine injection), and had the PT's report (thank goodness he actually had read that) in front of him. He scanned it over, excused himself to quickly call the PT again to go over something, came back and scheduled a Doppler ultrasound of my neck to check out the artery theory.

Also awesome news: I haven't been really eating the most healthy or exercising at all except for the movement at PT, but the nurse at the doctor's office commented that I lost 4 pounds in the past week! Yeehaw!

I had the Doppler done today...I could view the screen while the technician was checking out my neck. When she had me turn the stiff way, something looked a bit different than when she did the other side. I thought I saw something that looked like a chunk of dark in the way of blood flow...not totally occluding it...and there was a portion that didn't make a whoosh loud sound as much as the other spots. But, that is just my opinion and I don't know much about it. The technician figured I'd have results by Monday if not tomorrow.

And thank goodness, I have heard back from most of my teachers about finals! Due to being told not to drive or work yet, I've had to rely on my parents to get me places. Since I'm feeling a bit better, I have my last tests rescheduled for tomorrow. I didn't have to give my last speech in my one class because just turning in the take-home final will give me an A. In business law, I only have to get 20 questions right out of 96 for an A there. In personal finance, I'm taking the final tomorrow...I had an A and I don't think it should be too hard. I still haven't heard back from my accounting or computer teacher but I had a strong A in both of those classes...I hope I hear back today. Also, thank goodness they aren't doing the grade deduction for missing class the past week!

Also, remember when I had mentioned about walking the Marine Corps Marathon? Well, I decided to take my chances and not register until I got notice from Prevention magazine. I was sent an email last week and was told slots would be given by order of response...only 100 available and lots were interested. Well, I was granted a slot! So, as long as I get the registration submitted within seven days, I can participate. I really would like to, but I don't know if it will still play out ok with school and work. I'll have to make a decision quick!