Thursday, April 21, 2005
Target is on Fire!!

Tonight, I ended up spending up a bit too much money at Target! I should know so much better than to go in there. My plan was to go in there in buy a cute pair of pink exercise pants that I've been eyeing for weeks and a bottle of the Jergens lotion/tanner that Kristi reminded me about and Jenniy originally recommended. (Unfortunately the second item was completely sold out. I'll have to hunt for it at another store.) Oh noooooo, I couldn't stop with just one purchase! I found a cute pair of greenish pants, a navy blue pair that was half price, a shirt to match the greenish pants, pajamas (I have a pajama addiction, seriously!), Special K cereal bars, and soup. Right after I stopped drooling over the mini iPods on sale (I luckily had the brains to talk myself out of that purchase) and wandered over to the music section, something a bit odd happened.

If you'll take a look at the first picture above, you'll see a bunch of people just standing around in the parking lot. Yes, I am lame and lack something because I take pictures while shopping :) These two pictures tell the story. I was checking out the new Rob Thomas CD and the fire alarm went off. All of us shoppers were a bit was a bit gloomy outside...was this a tornado warning? Are we supposed to take cover? Is it a fire?...I don't see any smoke! The workers were a bit befuddled as well. Soon, one of the managers started rushing down the aisle shouting, "Please move to the front of the store!" And then another one ran by exclaiming "Please leave the store immmediately!" So, we had to leave our merchandise and get out. Because I have no life, I along with most of the others chilled outside until we were given the clear to go back in. The fire truck came by and made sure everything was fine. It must have been a false alarm. Well, after I went back in, I spotted a magazine, picked up the Rob Thomas CD, plus a couple other things I thought I needed at the time. Luckily, I didn't spend over $100 :)

Also, why are the maternity clothes at Target so much cuter than some of the clothes that I must choose from? I found this CUTE hot pink swim tankini in my size. I look a bit closer and realize it was a maternity suit! Since I was in the area already, I checked out the other maternity offerings...there was an awesome skirt I'd kill for too! I'm still debating about trying it on and seeing how it fits.

Isn't my life exciting? Ha!

Anyways, before I leave you, check out my new link in the groupies section! Kat has done some revamping and the FIT Portal moved. If you're listed there, get yourself moved over! She also has a new fitness blog. Check it out!