Tuesday, April 05, 2005
Beer Didn't Destroy My Brain Cells!

I am finally back from the boooooring capital of Pierre, South Dakota. Did you miss me? A group I'm involved in at school went to a state spring conference/competition. There were some good speakers, too many darn tests, and an AWESOME Casino Night. If I was president of the organization, I would have planned the lag time between events a bit better though! Spending two days there felt like I had wasted four!

So, as I was saying, this conference was mainly for state competition to go to nationals. On my birthday, I had to get to school early to take a two-hour test for computer applications. We had five huge tasks to complete using spreadsheets, databases, mail merges, Powerpoint presentation, etc. Well, I believed I blew it since I only finished about 60% in the alloted time. At the conference, I had to take another written test in that field, one in accounting principles, and one in marketing. So basically, I had to prove my knowledge by filling in the bubbles for those. Each test was an hour long and had 90-99 questions. The person who placed first throughout all the schools in the state competing got money plus would go to the national conference at Disney World in June.

Well, I took my first two tests in accounting and computer applications on Sunday. The computer application term test wasn't too bad but there were a few terms I didn't know. Time was called before I had finished the last 9 questions in accounting. Damn! Even with those missed, I felt pretty confident about the questions I did answer. That night, we had a little casino event with fake money. Now since this was a school event, we had thought we weren't going to be able to drink. Well, we were wrong!!! People started coming in with alcohol from the bar, and playing poker and blackjack is so much better with a little drink! I was going to abstain, but I really needed to let loose. The bar closed at midnight, and some people I was with decided to hunt down somewhere else to buy more. We found one gas station that would sell some to us...I guess there is an ordinance about selling alcohol after a certain time on Sunday...the other spots said midnight, but this guy said he could until 2 AM. I'm not sure if he bent any rules by doing that or not. If so, I won't tell!!! Well, we ended up staying up until 3:30 and I was set to take my marketing test at 8 AM!! My usual rule is not to go to a test while still drunk...I broke that one this time :)

OK, so anyways, I took the test and we had an awards program on Monday afternoon. Accounting was my first event announced...they called the top three up in no particular order. I was called up!!! Another guy from my school with a semester more of accounting in him was also in the running. Well, I ended up in 2nd place for that one...I got a lovely plaque at least! I figured that would be the event that I could win since I blew the major part of the computer one and a TON of people with 3 or 4 years of marketing classes had taken the other one. I resigned myself to clapping for the winners in those categories.

Well, Computer Applications was my next event (going in alphabetical order). Imagine my surprise when my name was called!!! Not only that, but I got 1st place! So, that cements me going to Florida and took the pressure off marketing. I got a lovely plaque and $100 :)

Then, Marketing was called. As I said earlier, I was recovering from drinking and lack of sleep. I sped through those questions and didn't pay that much attention. Well, I was called up for that one too!!! I was shocked when they announced I got 1st place for that too!!! Woohoo!!! I beat juniors and seniors!! Not bad for someone who loves healthcare more than business and has only one semester of business classes completed.

So, now I have even more incentive to keep working out...I need to look great in a swimsuit (well, better than I do now, at least) for when I go! Other than my night of drinking, I handled food and exercise well. I'm really ready to hit the gym tonight :) Time to head to class, so I'll post more later!