Friday, March 25, 2005
Friggin' Sickness!!

Well, I'm staying home this weekend :( And this time, it isn't Paul's fault! For this past week, I've been feeling a little crappy especially in the morning...probably why I overslept the other day. My mom and aunt even noticed my face looking a bit rashy on Wednesday. Well, last night, it turned into a full-fledged puke fest. And today, I don't feel much better. Why am I cursed?? I'm just hoping it's not a stress-related shingles outbreak. I think my face looks OK now, but my stomach is still feeling pretty queasy. I don't see any rashes or bumps anywhere else either, so it must be just some kind of bug. My sister had the shingles this year, and right when she felt ready to go back to school, they came back to visit again!

So anyways, Paul and I talked about just changing my leave until Saturday, but then I would only have a full day there...and the two other days would be partial travel days...just not a good plan!! He was understandably upset about the sudden change, too. We're changing the date till April 10th...a time where he actually has more time off and I have a few days off for some school related reason...Spring Break Part 2 or something. I'm so disappointed in my body for giving out. Maybe I should have just sucked it up and went anyways, but then what fun would I have been?

There's my update for all of you who were anxiously waiting for it. I know it's not the good kind of update, but I hope I'll have a better travel update in April now.