Tuesday, March 15, 2005
Hello Again

[[Ring, Ring]]
Me: "Hello!"
AF: "Hi, Jodi dear! It's Aunt Flo!"
Me: "What's up? I was wondering why you left so quickly last week!"
AF: "I know, I forgot to bring my knitting needles, so I ran back home. But, I'm coming back soon."
Me: [[cringing]]"How soon?"
AF: "Anytime now. In fact, you should probably be preparing the guest room again now."
Me: "Gosh, I'm a little busy this week, but I suppose you can come for a bit. Where are you now?"
[[Knock on the door]]

Yes, Aunt Flo is back with a vengeance! I knew her two day visit couldn't be the end of it. I just hope she doesn't decide on an extended visit!

In other news, to just add to the stress of Aunt Flo's crimson waves, my left rear tire decided to punk out today. No, it didn't just go flat...it decided to splat on the interstate!! All of a sudden, my car started shuddering and heating up inside...I was just about to the offramp to get to school...so close I can taste it...so I pull over once I get to a good spot. The tire was completely shredded, there was no spare in my trunk (where did it go??), and I didn't remember much from Girl Scouts on how to fix it anyways! Also, I had no tow truck # on my cell phone or AAA membership to rely on. So, I frantically call my parents...my sister calls my mom at work and then calls my stepdad at work. He came to my rescue! During the 45 minutes that I wait, only ONE person stops to see if I need any help. She stopped two minutes before my stepdad got there, so I told her thanks, but my help is coming :) She looked a bit relieved! I really need to learn more about doing my own car maintentance again...I just hate looking like the helpless damsel in distress (unless it gets me a smart, handsome man to help!)

Luckily, I get paid today so I'll be able to cover a tire, finally make my travel arrangements for spring break, the NYC trip in May (the hotel is already taken care of, at least), and hopefully find a business suit for my conference coming up. Does stress help my weight-loss efforts? We'll find out when I weigh in again this week :)