Tuesday, March 01, 2005

I had to update some measurements and weights for Ediets since I haven't entered anything since November (except in the different area for the challenge I do) and they have these handy dandy charts showing my progress (and stalls and gains and whatnot) and it really had me thinking about dates.

First of all, it used to forecast the date for when I would reach goal. Not anymore! The scale and I have been so unpredictable since starting. I do remember that I was originally determined to hit my goal weight by May of this year. That is certainly not going to happen...if I'm lucky I'll be halfway there. I can't believe that I have been with the program for two years as of this coming April.

Second, my gall bladder surgery was 1.5 years ago!! I'm now at the same weight as I had dropped down to then. I had been blaming my weight gain since then due to being able to eat again for over a year!! My brain keeps telling me it was only last summer, but it wasn't. Holy shit, time flies and it's not a good thing.

Third, it does show my progress in my measurements. I've slimmed off 12 inches and I've dropped 8 points in BMI. Pretty soon, I'll no longer be categorized as obese and just fat :) What a great feeling.

I've just finished reading a few success stories, and I've decided that I WILL make it to goal by my birthday next year (which is a year and 17 days away, in case any of you want to buy presents for me early). I am committed to this goal wholeheartedly and I refuse to think about going the dreaded S route (surgery, which is great for many, but I just don't want to) unless I can say that I've done everything possible to do it myself. No more pussyfooting about accomplishing this girth anymore...Right now, I'm in the motivated mindset (again) and I just need to keep the momentum going.

And yes, the scale did show me a wonderful 4.5 pound loss yesterday. Thank goodness that my effort paid off!

Also, thanks for the great questions for my list. I've decided to screw that revision idea, but I have another list I'm formulating and will ask for some participation for that once I decide to post it!