Tuesday, February 22, 2005
Another Day Down!!

Well, I made it to the gym again tonight! I figure going to the gym is better than relying on myself popping in a workout video. I can make excuses to put off popping the video in (like watching American Idol or One Tree Hill), but once I get in the car to go to the gym, I can't really avoid it. I was going to do yoga, but I got there too late. So, I ended up doing the treadmill for 3 miles, strength training with the weight machines (sorry, I have no idea which each thing is called), and then finished off with the bike.

While I was biking my heart out, I noticed a bunch of people doing the Circuit class that is available almost every night of the week. That class scared the heck out of me when I first joined the gym! All these skinny minnies always were complaining about it during my aerobics class or in the locker room. Well, I am almost tempted to try that class. I saw many people gasping for air at points, but it looks like a good overall workout since cardio and strength training are involved. I think I'll watch a little more closely over this next week and then decide.

Since seriously counting points again instead of guesstimating, I realize that I'm really struggling to get enough points digested. Today, I hit 24 by eating a snack when I wasn't really hungry. Either the exercise is cutting my cravings or the healthy food just keeps me filled better and cuts the cravings too. I didn't have a problem hitting it and going over when I first started, so WTF is my problem now? Eating less is a good thing, but once I start really dropping, it'll be tougher to keep losing since it's already used to minimum intake. (At least, that's what experience has shown me.) So, my next goal for tomorrow is to figure out what else to add to my meals.

To end on a non-health related note, my 18-year-old sister has found my blog and my stats show that she's reading it! I confronted her about and she says she does because she really likes it. Well, gosh that's great, but I was trying to avoid the eyes of those who I actually come across in person. And there is this thing I'd really love to write about...but I don't want the story getting to my mom...or my sister either for that matter. So, I'll have to stew a bit and decide if I'm OK with letting her know. If so, look for it later on!