Tuesday, February 08, 2005
Hypnotize My Way Thin???

Today, we had a hypnotist on campus. Now, hypnotists intrigue me, but I'd never agree to be hypnotized in public. I wouldn't want to do anything too crazy and hear about it for days later. I'm pretty susceptible to the power of suggestion, so I could be liable to do anything as long as it doesn't involve nakedness, diving into a pool head first, or jumping off a cliff. To me, hypnosis is mainly a way to focus your brain to think or not think a certain thing. I know there are some people who have went to a hypnotherapist and had great results with vices like smoking and eating too much.

After his presentation, he asked those interested in finding a way to get over a fear to come up and he'd teach us a free thing to do that only takes 60 seconds. Heck, I'm interested in any free advice, so I headed over. He had us think really hard about what our fear is and what it feels like while we tapped different places on our faces, armpit, fingers, and hands. I thought about my fear of getting up and talking to new people and public speaking in general. He said that we only had to perform the action once and we'll be cured. Well, I'll have to test to see what I feel like the next time I'm in that situation. Now, if I do get results, I'll have to think of a way to make it work for my weight loss. Hmmmm....maybe if I work it to be a fear of being thin, it'll work to my advantage. If I use it as a fear of being fat, it'll probably just make me be happy the way I am! LOL!! I'll have to grab my sheet with directions.

I actually am pretty good with doing general public speaking, like speaking in front of an audience about a topic. It's the more one-on-one personal conversations that I have a problem with. In general public speaking, I can pretend I'm playing a role...I'm great at being someone else for awhile!! With acquaintances, I have to talk about myself. I don't know why it bothers me...I evidentally don't have problems with divulging information here! There must be some switch that I can turn on in my head so that I can be more open with people right next to me...I just have to find it.

In other daily news, I had a rough time getting to class today! When I headed out to my car this morning, I realized it was snowing. If I knew it was so crappy out, I would have left for class earlier. The snow and fog was really thick on the interstate, so I could barely see. When I got on the offramp for school, I narrowly avoided a huge traffic pileup...in avoiding it, I lost control over my car and did a couple of 180s...well more like 120s....until I could control my vehicle again. So, I ended up being 10 minutes late to speech class. So, instead of my assigned time, I had to give my speech last, which actually isn't a bad thing. I could only use a notecard with 20 words and I just figured out what I wanted to say last night, so I was already pretty uneasy about it. Luckily, I chose to gave it about my favorite movie, The Princess Bride and why I believe it's one of the greatest movies of all time. So, if I forgot anything, I'd be able to adlib my way through it. I have a tendency to speak a little quickly, so I was shocked to see the one minute left marker go up before I reached my conclusion. So, it went pretty well :)

I'm heading to my gym shortly, because I'm thinking about trying the yoga class tonight. I have to do something until my work schedule changes next month, so I can go to my regular favorite aerobics/sculpt class. I've done a yoga video at home, so I'll see if it appeals to me more with an actual instructor. Come back tomorrow and I'll report how it goes!