Thursday, January 27, 2005
I Deserve It!

So, Dr. Phil is spewing a bit more advice about weight loss, and he's again right on the mark, darnit! In this article, he states that the #1 secret to losing weight is believing that you deserve it. I've always said that my success (or lack of it) has to do with where my head is at.

Believe me, I'd just like to reroute my wiring in my brain so I never think such negative thoughts. My faulty thinking hasn't helped me when some guys I know notice a difference in my arse, I want to eat something sweet and chocolately. My brain sends a message, "Geez Jods, why are they giving you attention?? And why not before?? And, I don't want to get attention just because of my body!!" I crave attention, yet when I get the good attention, like the whole Hawaii thing at work, I just feel so odd and undeserving, and just wish the eyes would get off me quickly!

So, I'm really working on thinking positively, and I really do deserve it! I just need to learn how to handle the attention!!