Tuesday, January 18, 2005
Back to the Gym!

I did it! After a month absence, I made it back to my gym. I sweated and grunted and worked out for 90 minutes. It felt damn good :) I almost forgot what the high after a good dose of cardio felt like. What's even better, I was able to complete my first mile in 10 minutes...so not too far off my personal last year best of 9 minutes. I would love to have it down to 8 minutes by this summer.

I also have a workout partner now. My younger sister has finally decided to join as well, so we can push each other to our goals. She has the stupidest idea that she is fat...I wouldn't mind being her size at all! I taught her how to use the machines and showed her what I usually do. Another happy point: I'm more fit than she is even if I'm still carrying a ton of extra weight...she tuckered out pretty quickly. She used to be able to run circles around me, so I'm definitely making progress.

Some depressing news: my favorite Tuesday class has switched to Wednesday this year :( Of course, I have to work then so I'm going to have to figure out something else. Yoga is now in my aerobics/sculpt class spot. I just don't know if I'm a Yoga Girl. I've done a couple yoga videos, but I'm not really a huge fan. I'll have to watch the class in action and decide if I want to try it first. Do any of you do yoga, and do you like it?? If you are gym rats, what classes have you tried and liked??