Wednesday, January 05, 2005
The Only Time You'll See Me in a Bikini

So far, I've been doing pretty well with my resolutions below...except for getting back to my aerobics class!! I had the best intentions to go, but the weather fouled me up. The skies decided to open up and dump a torrent of snow down on us...5 inches so far and forecasted to get about 12 inches before tomorrow is over. It's been pretty cold here already, but we've been lucky to never have to shovel yet till now. I just hope the roads will be fine by when I have to drive to school tomorrow morning. Before I go off on a weather tangent, let me get back to task here. I did get in exercise at home today by heavy-duty cleaning and a workout video. Tomorrow, I will do so much better.

If you haven't heard yet, the Discovery Health Challenge is starting up again on January 15th and there are some nice perks for following along. I watched the last challenge on TV and participated as well. Well, a new thing they added was the Virtual Model. I've used it before, but wow, it was really good to see it again. I'm soooooo motivated again to succeed after seeing where my model is at. I can't stand looking at my own pictures and refuse to see any changes, so this helps a bit.

So here are some visuals of where I started and the miles left to go to goal...

On the left, Here I am, 35 pounds larger. This was my highest weight back last year when I started. I had lost 50 pounds from this high, but then got lazy, had surgery, and gained about 15 pounds back.

On the right, Here I am now. You can see a little difference in the waist and thighs...I can't wait till I lose some more!!

On the left is where I want to be by the New Year's Eve 2005. This will be about 50 pounds down. Gosh, I don't think I look half bad there either!!

On the right is me at goal!!!! I would love to be this by my birthday in 2006, but I will definitely be there by my 10 year high school reunion. I'd love it if some classmates have some trouble recognizing me :) Evidentally with weight loss, I also will be getting more pasty looking. Must be all the inside gym workouts.