Saturday, December 25, 2004
Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it!! Yesterday, I helped my stepdad finish all his last minute shopping before work. We had to go to Lane Bryant to pick up a few things and I ended up purchasing two bags of gifts to myself. They had an awesome sale....$50 sweaters down to $10, jeans for $20, etc. I hate being inbetween sizes with the weight loss because it makes it so hard to purchase clothes. My normal size of pants are baggy but the next size is a bit tight in least I can tell there has been a change :)

I spent way too much time last night finishing wrapping presents for my family...not only my gifts to people, but also my stepdad's and sisters since they didn't seem to inherit the wrapping gene. My mother went overboard, so I helped wrapping even more this morning. After everybody else in the house finally decided to get out of bed, we had the gift opening extravaganza :) I think this may be a first for me...I actually LIKED EVERY SINGLE PRESENT I RECEIVED!!! I got a new DVD player, clothes, books, stuff from Victoria's Secret and Bath and Body Works, a couple movies, and CDs.

Later on, we went to my grandparents house. I had a good time, but seeing my younger cousin with her husband, another younger cousin with his fiancee and two kids, and hearing about the plans of another with her boyfriend made me feel a bit melancholy. I really wished Paul would have been there with me. As I've said before, I'm so ready to be one of the married folk, have a kid, a job I love, etc. My immediate family knows all about Paul, but nobody else really does. I just don't think they would understand the long-distance crud...if I bring him up, they'd ask all about him, pictures, how we met, etc., and I just don't have a lot of good answers. Luckily, his mom is finally turning around in the hospital, and should be getting out of the hospital this week. So, hopefully we'll be together by New Year's!!

My lovely pictures and other info will be finished for tomorrow...I could NOT find my cord for my digital camera and I bet it's at home :( Wait patiently for tomorrow!!