Tuesday, December 07, 2004
Your Presence is Always the Best Present

Happy Hanukkah! Now, I don't celebrate this holiday yet, but Paul does. Plug your ears and I'll sing the Dreidel song for you :) I haven't bought him anything for him yet. I am totally clueless on what to get him. He has just about everything!! Seinfeld DVD? Already bought it! New watch? A friend gave him one today! Clothes?? He has a larger wardrobe than I do!! Phone sex??? LOL lets not go there! Video games? Hmmmm....that might be an area to explore. I have the worst time shopping for guys. I come from a family of all girls and my stepdad is only two steps away from a female. I mean, he is just not into the typical guy things...hunting, sports, etc. If any guys are reading, what kind of things do you like for gifts??

I want an engagement ring. BADLY. No, I don't think getting married is a key to happiness. I'm a complete person without changing my name. I'd just like to have a visual way to always have a piece of Paul with me. I want the family, the house, all those typical married things. I especially want a person to go home to every night. The ring just would symbolize everything we are to each other and cement his commitment. He always expresses how he loves me (much more than I express to him even), but we just haven't moved ahead in the relationship. I don't want to make a big move until I have it. I'm about to the point where I'm feeling that we need to get hitched or we need to move on. He talks about when we'll get married all the time so I'm not getting the sense of cold feet...he even said he'd like to be married as soon as 2005. So where is the action?? A coworker of mine came back to work with an engagement ring on Monday....OMG it was gorgeous!! I'd have an instant orgasm if I was presented with a ring like that!! I could just tell how happy she was as she divulged all the details....the date is already set for July. I don't think she has been dating her fiancee as long as I've been with Paul. I'm tired of being patient!! My mom's side of the family has a bet going on who will be the next to get married. I have two cousins that could beat me...Jon has already had two kids with his fiancee and Stacie has a promise ring that will be soon changing to an engagement ring. The females are ahead with one down the aisle...as long as my sisters don't get married before I do, I'll be fine :)

The title of this post comes from a candy wrapper! I succumbed to temptation and bought a bag of Dove chocolates...I can't eat just one!! Talk about self-sabotage. I'll be back on track tomorrow!!