Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Ever walk into a class and feel like you shouldn't be there? Well, I get to my business class and the instructor says "Put your books away for your test today!" And I'm like, "WTF? What test do you speak of?" And then he hands out the test...and I'm reading it...and someone realized that it was the last test we took. So, I'm thinking, OK good, I don't have a test. Nooooooo...he just handed out the wrong one. I still couldn't remember a test so I pull out my notes quickly from last Tuesday while he runs to get the right test...sure enough, there in BOLD was my scribbling that I had a test today!! So, I quickly scanned the notes and prayed that the test gods took a shine to me. I hadn't read one chapter for sure...just skimmed it a week ago...so I was stumped on quite a few questions and did some guessing...luckily, I got a 92%!! I need to figure out some way to get organized...my room is a mess...I put off things until the last minute...I get sloppy with eating and exercise after doing well. Why does my brain fail me?? So, as I vowed to do, I'm making yet another life plan to stick with. I'm going to take small steps so I don't go insane if I mess up a day. I can do this!!