Saturday, November 13, 2004
Can't Sleep

I am WIDE AWAKE!!!! Damnit all!! I was so tired riding home after supper, and now here I am. I need to do something to poop myself out!! I have the whole house to myself at this very second, so I could make some noise and run around naked. Nah, I'll save that for another time. I really wish I could fall asleep...last night I had the most awesome dream and I'd love another great one's the closest to getting any action that I have right now :(

Good weight is back down. My blooming period decided to come visit yesterday. That was a shitter since it only left two weeks ago and I had no supplies with me at work!! Quelle horrour!!! Also, there was nothing to use in the ladies....had to stuff some toilet paper in my panties and hope for the best till I got home. Luckily, I made it out ok. Also good news...a gym that is open 24 hours is opening up really close to me. I could be exercising there right now instead of finding stupid ways to tire myself out. I got a free week pass in the mail, so I'll have to check it out this week.

Think I'm going to try falling asleep again, but I'll be back later!!