Tuesday, October 12, 2004
I'm So Excited!!!!

I'm soooo excited!!! I got back from my aerobics/toning class and I feel sooooo good!!! I am relaxed, and stretched out, and I'm in the mood to do just about anything! Including sex, but that won't be happening tonight :(

The class was quite a workout tonight...it didn't kill me as much as last time, so I must be getting stronger again. I still am kicking myself for letting go of exercise after I was doing so well last year at this time. Just when I thought I'd be ready for anything Ann (the instructor) would make us do, she brings out some new exercises including the mat, bands, and some pilates type moves. My abs and thighs really feel it tonight in a good way! Burn baby Burn!!

It is now a fact...my scale is totally ready to die or needs new batteries. It isn't telling me accurate weights compared to WW...even when I step on again after a minute, it shows a different number. I'm so pleased with my weigh-in today!! I was down 2.6 pounds...I was thinking I may have lost one pound...shows how faulty my scale is. So, I've lost a grand total of 10.6 pounds since joining...this is the start of week 7 now. So, I got my wonderful star sticker. Man, back in the old days they gave real wing pins for losses...they're getting a little cheap! I really don't think I've put that much extra effort in...maybe a little more careful with portion control but I know I really could still kick up my exercising. Imagine what I could do if I put all my effort into that?? I am planning on doing some form of exercise every day this week and I'll see what happens. I just need to drop a few more pounds and I'll be at my Ediets low before my gall bladder surgery. That scares me a bit....I really hope I can keep this momentum going!!