Sunday, October 03, 2004
Crap Warmed Over

Damn, I feel shitty tonight. My back hurts, my lower stomach aches, my we won't go there!!! I think I might have a kidney infection. It feels painful, but not like kidney stones back in 2002... So, I'm downing my water and resting and hopefully I'll feel great tomorrow. Sounds like my roommate is sick too...heard her coughing a bunch today, and I think she just yakked in the bathroom...TMI, I know, but the bathroom is right next to my room.

It has been a darn slow weekend. Yesterday at work, I tried making a schedule of when I plan on going to the gym, doing workouts at home, etc. Man, I wish I had a better schedule so I could try more classes at the gym, like water aerobics, or Pump, or kickboxing, circuit, etc. I have all these exercise videos at home, but for some reason I'm just too embarrassed to stick them in here. I did them all the time at my old apartment...I guess I'm worried that I'll make a bunch of noise for the roommate below with marching, bouncing, etc. I'm going to just go Fuck them and do it anyways...I have to get off this fat arse!! I just don't think I'll ever have a wonderful schedule with work...I mean, I can't even get off a Saturday without requesting months in advance!! I think they should start giving time off in order of suck, you better be working!!

Good phone finally works!! First, it was off a few days since my parents couldn't pay my sister's portion of the bill. I need to get some good credit so I don't have to put down a deposit...I make payments on time now, but the darn people just care about past troubles it seems. I should be more sensitive to those with bad credit at work since I know how they feel....but nope, I don't give a shit when I have to deny them loans. Ok, I'm babbling...back to the subject!! Once the phone bill was paid, my phone decided to have some malfunction. It wouldn' t charge or do anything. Luckily, I had the cell phone insurance and Sprint gave me a new phone as soon as they tested it themselves since it was a defect in the phone. My sister is still out of a phone due to her car accident...they are making her send it in. Ha!

Starting tomorrow, I'm going to post my exercise times and food put in my mouth...I think it'll help me a bit to stay on track. With feeling like crap, I've ate a couple of things mindlessly today....though I didn't eat breakfast or lunch so I'm still short on calories in the long run. I hope my kidneys don't decide to explode tonight...or god forbid, have stones again!! That was the most painful experience ever...if childbirth is worse than that, I'm never having kids!! I think I'm going to head to bed early, so I'm signing off for the night.