Tuesday, September 07, 2004
More from the unwitty (yet honest) fat ass :)

I am more witty in my head than I am when I speak. Hell, I'm even more witty in my head than when I write it down. I started this blog to document my weight loss and because I didn't have the knack/guts/whatnot to say what I was feeling out loud...but now, with these few posts completed, I don't think I've fully captured myself and I'm a bit bored of myself...LOL!! I mean Cowboy Dude has some reading appeal, but some others are just plain dry. This blog is primarily for me, so I don't know why I'm judging myself, but still!! When I start typing, I forget what the heck I wanted to blog about...by the time I open my laptop, my thoughts are gone. So, since I'm still not glued to the laptop and like my pen and paper, I'm going to remember to jot down what I really want to convey and then post it when I get a chance. Heck, I'm sure many do this already, but for me it's like, "EUREKA!! Why didn't I think of that before!"

So anyways, I'm scared shitless...I have my first WW weigh-in today...well technically second, but first since I joined last week. I have been counting points like crazy, but I don't know if the scale is going to show a change...earlier in the week I was showing down 2 pounds, a night or so ago, I was showing up again....and the damn TOM hasn't freaking left yet...spits out a day...stops a couple...and right when I'm ready to remove all protection, there it is again!! Some days, it is a struggle to get all my points in...I'm not sure what's better: go with what I feel like and don't care if I hit 30 pts or eat when I don't feel like it so I'm not messing up metabolism or the plan. I'm a horrible meal skipper due to time, and I have read that skipping can slow down your weight loss. So, my big goal for this week is to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner...even if I have to get up earlier for breakfast, or remember to pack a lunch the night before. I'm praying that the scale gods will be kind to me today...just to validate that I made the right decision to join WW instead of going by the Ediets plan (which I wasn't following very closely anymore) and I'm all for other people cheering the scale going down. I've already been working on my weight loss before joining, so I don't expect a huge loss like some do because of water loss, but any loss would be great!!

In other news, my dumbass 18 year old sister got in a car accident today...her third since driving. I guess she slammed into the backend of a Cadillac that stopped too fast...the cops said she was driving recklessly, and I totally believe that one!! She gets the newer car without taking driver's ed, never got the relentless pain from the parents, and she gets away with everything!! Yes, I am totally bitter. I'm glad my sister is fine and all....just some pain from the airbags going off and a broken cell phone. No, she wasn't talking on the cellphone, but it was sitting on the dashboard and flew into the windshield. I really hope she gets her license taken away to teach her a lesson...of course, she'll still get to drive because of that whole having to go to school thing.

In conclusion....I'm a bitter fat ass meal skipper who has never been in an accident, needs to be quicker about getting her thoughts down, and is praying for a loss tonight!!