Tuesday, August 24, 2004
Damn You, Evil Floats!!

Yes, I made it back to post...I'm not abandoning you, dear little blog :) Yesterday was a bust....I didn't accomplish half of what I wanted to yesterday...I cleaned half my room, did none of my laundry, part of my reading, and I didn't weigh myself...damn procrastination setting in again!!

But, today is another day. I started out on the right foot....took a shower and remembered to eat breakfast before dashing to class....woohoo!!! I parked far away from my class so I'd get some exercise in even though there were plenty of closer parking spots. I even made sure to fill my water jug!! I'm so proud of myself!!!

Everything went great until....THOSE DAMN EVIL ROOT BEER FLOATS!!! See, I had went to work planning on saying no to those complimentary floats the bosses were providing because of our hard work. Well, I was stuck on the phone because it was sooooo busy and before I could do anything, one of the managers placed a huge one on my desk. And gosh, I couldn't just waste it!! And if I dumped it in the garbage, it would smell root beery and be a bit messy. So yes, to save the janitors from stickyness and so I didn't look ungrateful, I drank every last drop....it was soooooo yummy and I savored it all. It was just one, and I was good all day before that!!! I figured one wouldn't kill me and it's not like I'm going to have another one!!!

Or so I thought!!! Right before my shift ended, the root beer float fairies came by again....I was also stuck on the phone when they got to my desk, and without even asking, another float magically appeared!! Again, I didn't want to waste it.....so down it went into my stomach. My will to say no had pretty much broken down, so I then proceeded to eat a quarter pounder at McDonalds after work....I really had planned on getting the salad, but I just said "Screw it, I'll do better tomorrow!!"

I did get something accomplished today....I'm getting my mom to go to a Weight Watchers meeting with me tomorrow. I had been a member waaaaaay back in middle school....or was it 9th grade....and it didn't go that well because I hated competing with my mom for pounds lost. Well, I'm older now, and I think I can handle it.....and a face-to-face kick in the ass will do me some good. Ediets and my online support group members are great, but after a year, I need some more personal interaction and also some portion control work. I'm ready to give it all I've got again!!! I WILL DO IT!!!