Saturday, October 23, 2004
Sorry I'm Late!!

Gosh, this week just flew by!!! Things are going ok, but I still have major work to do on making my exercise a habit again. I've made this wonderful life schedule with all my crud fit in, but I haven't implemented it fully. I'll have to after the darn conference. Yep, I'm going to a wonderful business conference in the mecca of Aberdeen, SD, population 25,000. Woohoo, can you tell my excitement? I'm reeking of sarcasm :) I hope that the hotel has a gym!!

Oh yeah, had my WW weigh-in on Tuesday. I was not shocked since I remember the day that the extra pounds appeared on the scale last week and my lovely Aunt Flo was playing peekaboo...and she still is!! I hope I lose that extra this week plus a bit more. I went to my aerobics/sculpt class Tuesday as well...we had a different instructor. OMG, she was totally a slavedriver...she'd be wonderful with a whip, I'm sure. I was sore, but a good sore, after the class was if our regular instructor is back next week, I may pop in on the other one sometime again just to get totally pushed to my limit. We used a lot of equipment that we hadn't used before, like the weighted bar and the stretchy bands. That day was the only day I made it to the gym...I have no excuse not to get there three times this week. That is definitely going to be my goal along with trying out my FIRM videos that finally got here!!

Tonight, my roommate Erin invited me to eat supper with her friends and then go to the Halloween corn maze. I don't know if she did because I just happened to get home at the right time, or if she is just nice like that!! I haven't known her long enough. She made some awesome spinach stuff...I'll have to ask her the name because I forgot. I didn't think I liked spinach but this was good and healthy! She also made some baklava with crushed walnuts in it....mmmmmm. Gotta love having a dietician intern in the place! After the fun I had with them tonight, I'm feeling a little guilty about secretly looking for another place.

Since I'll be gone for the business conference, I may not get back here until Tuesday to post again. I hope to have great news to report then!!

Monday, October 18, 2004
I'm a Slacker!!

Oh my!!! It is Monday again, and I am behind on my goals again for the week. I had planned on getting some form of exercise in every day. I did well until Thursday, and then I have been slacking off since, unless I count walking. Why do I do this??? I loved the excitement of losing 2.6 pounds last I'm feeling bloated and icky. I'm sure getting my period popping up for two days, and now mysteriously absent again today is not helping, but I need to quit making the excuses. While I was at work on Saturday, I worked out a schedule of possible times to exercise and what to do. I WILL make myself stick to it!! I plan to reward myself with a haircut if I can. I've been putting off the haircut for awhile, and I can no longer make it look presentable!! Time and money is always a factor. So, I've got the money put away and I will treat myself to a nice one...not a cheapy Fantastic Sam's one either!! On the flip side, I have been eating well on plan...even when I ate with my family on Saturday, I did not succumb to the screaming from the buffet table...I stopped when I felt satisfied, not because my plate was clean. Woohoo!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2004
I'm So Excited!!!!

I'm soooo excited!!! I got back from my aerobics/toning class and I feel sooooo good!!! I am relaxed, and stretched out, and I'm in the mood to do just about anything! Including sex, but that won't be happening tonight :(

The class was quite a workout didn't kill me as much as last time, so I must be getting stronger again. I still am kicking myself for letting go of exercise after I was doing so well last year at this time. Just when I thought I'd be ready for anything Ann (the instructor) would make us do, she brings out some new exercises including the mat, bands, and some pilates type moves. My abs and thighs really feel it tonight in a good way! Burn baby Burn!!

It is now a scale is totally ready to die or needs new batteries. It isn't telling me accurate weights compared to WW...even when I step on again after a minute, it shows a different number. I'm so pleased with my weigh-in today!! I was down 2.6 pounds...I was thinking I may have lost one pound...shows how faulty my scale is. So, I've lost a grand total of 10.6 pounds since joining...this is the start of week 7 now. So, I got my wonderful star sticker. Man, back in the old days they gave real wing pins for losses...they're getting a little cheap! I really don't think I've put that much extra effort in...maybe a little more careful with portion control but I know I really could still kick up my exercising. Imagine what I could do if I put all my effort into that?? I am planning on doing some form of exercise every day this week and I'll see what happens. I just need to drop a few more pounds and I'll be at my Ediets low before my gall bladder surgery. That scares me a bit....I really hope I can keep this momentum going!!

Working My Core!

Hi ho there! It's Jodi in with another update! (Egads, that was a bit Kermit the Froggish!!)

So, its assessment time for me. I've lost 8 pounds in the past 5 weeks, so I think I'm officially off my darn plateau! Woohoo!! Thank you, WW for making me think about what I'm putting in my mouth again! I still have a ways to go to get back to my previous exercise levels. I'm sure I could have been a couple more pounds down if I'd keep with it, but for now I'm satisfied.

Good news: Last night I was going to blow off exercise because I needed to study for my marketing test. Well, I tried studying, but I just could not settle down and concentrate! So, I jumped on the Gazelle for 30 minutes and before I knew it, I had went over 2 miles!! Then, I was still feeling like I needed to move, so I threw in my Core Secrets video that I hadn't tried yet. Man, I love that workout! I'm going to have to put some time in for that. I feel it in my arms, my abs, even my legs.

By the way, I am a sucker for infomercials!! First, Winsor Pilates sucked me in last year and was responsible for me getting some great losses and back into an exercise routine. I'm STILL waiting for my new FIRM videos to come along, now I love Core Secrets, and I almost ordered another ballet yoga type workout. And I don't even watch TV much anymore!! Somehow, I still catch seeing those things!

Time to go to a business meeting, so I'll have to post more later!!

Sunday, October 10, 2004
I Live in a Pit!!

Wow, the weekend is about over!! What have I accomplished??? Diddily squat! I'm staring at my room right now...I can't believe how messy I have let it get. I'd show pictures, but I'm too darn embarrassed to show these living conditions. Clothes on the floor, garbage sitting on my desk, workout equipment working well as a clothes rack...LOL!! I was doing great at the exercise at the beginning of the week...but now I'm being a slacker again. All these goals I've set for myself....and I just sit on my arse. I have to quit this mindset.

A couple things are pissing me off. First, my bf was supposed to be coming to visit this weekend. Did I really believe he would??? NO!! Am I still upset???? HELL YEAH I AM!!! Why do I put up with him? Nobody else is giving me the time of day right now. Now Paul isn't horrible...he makes me feel special and doesn't care about this mountain of fat that resides on my body...but the point is, he isn't here. When I have a rough day at work, can he comfort me and let me cry on his shoulder? Nope. Can he come with me to my parents and verbally whiplash my stepdad when he pisses me off?? NO. Can I crawl into bed with him and cuddle??? Again, the answer is no. I need some physical attention, damnit!! I need a guy who can be here with me in every way. In some sense, I guess I'm pretty lucky. I don't have to dress up for dates, make sure all areas are presentable, I can do what I want and don't have to check in with anybody. But I want to check in!! I want to have someone to look nice for. Second thing that is ticking me off...I'm broke!! I have about 15 dollars right now...I need to make it stretch to get gas, food, and my WW meeting on Tuesday. I don't think that will happen. My parents owe me money, and they say they don't have any either!! ARRRGGGGHHH!!! I don't get paid until Friday...this sucks!! I guess it will be cereal and cheese till then...thats about what remains of my food supply. If I can find my receipt for my CD player, I will be able to get some decent groceries after I take it back. Then, when I do get paid, I have to give about every penny of it to school for my next payment due. Luckily, I only have one payment left until next semester hits!! Hopefully, it doesn't take long for my tuition reimbursement from work to get to me.

OK, what else has happened since my last post? Oh yeah, work had a huge Mexican fiesta for us meeting all goals for the first time in a long while. I had a soft shell taco and another taco type thing with the works on was soooo yummy!!! I didn't keep eating until I was uncomfortably full, so that is a good sign I'm learning to listen to my body cues a bit better. The next day, I was craving Mexican again and was short on time before work, so I hit Taco Bell. I had the zesty chicken border looked healthy enough....I WILL NOT BE DOING THAT AGAIN!!!!! The darn thing was 700 calories with the dressing...I didn't use all the dressing, but still, it's not the wisest food decision. I tried to compensate by eating a smaller dinner, but I've still got some of the bloat hanging on. I will be exercising today after I clear some of my room out, so hopefully that decision doesn't affect me too much. I'm going to get back to my plans and stick with them. Starting tomorrow, I will be posting my food, water, and exercise here. I think I said that last week, but I'm really going to do that this week. I'm the one keeping myself from my goals, so I'm the only one that can make the positive changes. This will just give me an extra push.

Off to cleaning...if I'm not back tomorrow, it is because I got lost in the pile of clothes on the floor!!

Tuesday, October 05, 2004
Another One Bites the Dust!

Oy, today was a long but good day. First of all, I stepped on the scale and saw the 50s! Woohoo, I'm just about back to where I was last summer!! Of course, that was in the morning, but it did stick for my WW weigh-in today. Second, I only had a half day of classes due to advising sessions. I needed a break from accounting. That class is so damn time consuming. I don't know any other class that takes an hour to finish one stinking problem. At least I have an A so the skin of my teeth, but an A nonetheless. Third, I got 120 minutes of exercise in today!! There was 45 minutes on the Gazelle after class...and then 75 minutes of aerobics/sculpting class....oops I guess I have 130 minutes because I did 10 minutes on the stationary bike before class started. And yes, I did say 75 minutes of aerobics/sculpting class!!! Our instructor decided to have us go a bit longer since nobody else needed the room, so I got some more abdominal work in. Gosh, I love that class and Ann (the instructor). She's so goofy and gets us to work hard. I know now that I wasn't doing optimal workouts before joining the gym. I felt like I was ready to die after 10 minutes, but then it felt really awesome. I wish I could go to the Thursday class too, but my work schedule just doesn't allow it.

The other good thing comes this weekend. Paul says he's coming up this weekend....we'll see. I'm not getting my hopes up too high, because I just know something will come up. He'll get sick, or something with his family will get away, or he'll mess up on scheduling...gosh, I wish I could be proven wrong about that!!

More drama going on with the sister wants to quit college. I have told her to stick it out a semester...she's got this crazy idea about finding a job and doing theater. Sure, she's a good actress, but not that good. Also, she is no good at keeping a job. She usually quits within a month!! I'm just sick of her just being a stubborn ass and getting whatever she parents just don't put up a good fight anymore...and I didn't even give them much of one growing up to wear them out!! Oh well...

Not much else going on...I'll post more tomorrow sometime!!

Sunday, October 03, 2004
Quiz Time

Because I didn't feel like doing anything today, I perused other blogs that motivated me to start my own....and then got off on a tangent and started doing some quizzes....

So, some insight about me (since I haven't done the obligatory about me usual post yet)...

So there! Make what you want out of that :)

Crap Warmed Over

Damn, I feel shitty tonight. My back hurts, my lower stomach aches, my we won't go there!!! I think I might have a kidney infection. It feels painful, but not like kidney stones back in 2002... So, I'm downing my water and resting and hopefully I'll feel great tomorrow. Sounds like my roommate is sick too...heard her coughing a bunch today, and I think she just yakked in the bathroom...TMI, I know, but the bathroom is right next to my room.

It has been a darn slow weekend. Yesterday at work, I tried making a schedule of when I plan on going to the gym, doing workouts at home, etc. Man, I wish I had a better schedule so I could try more classes at the gym, like water aerobics, or Pump, or kickboxing, circuit, etc. I have all these exercise videos at home, but for some reason I'm just too embarrassed to stick them in here. I did them all the time at my old apartment...I guess I'm worried that I'll make a bunch of noise for the roommate below with marching, bouncing, etc. I'm going to just go Fuck them and do it anyways...I have to get off this fat arse!! I just don't think I'll ever have a wonderful schedule with work...I mean, I can't even get off a Saturday without requesting months in advance!! I think they should start giving time off in order of suck, you better be working!!

Good phone finally works!! First, it was off a few days since my parents couldn't pay my sister's portion of the bill. I need to get some good credit so I don't have to put down a deposit...I make payments on time now, but the darn people just care about past troubles it seems. I should be more sensitive to those with bad credit at work since I know how they feel....but nope, I don't give a shit when I have to deny them loans. Ok, I'm babbling...back to the subject!! Once the phone bill was paid, my phone decided to have some malfunction. It wouldn' t charge or do anything. Luckily, I had the cell phone insurance and Sprint gave me a new phone as soon as they tested it themselves since it was a defect in the phone. My sister is still out of a phone due to her car accident...they are making her send it in. Ha!

Starting tomorrow, I'm going to post my exercise times and food put in my mouth...I think it'll help me a bit to stay on track. With feeling like crap, I've ate a couple of things mindlessly today....though I didn't eat breakfast or lunch so I'm still short on calories in the long run. I hope my kidneys don't decide to explode tonight...or god forbid, have stones again!! That was the most painful experience ever...if childbirth is worse than that, I'm never having kids!! I think I'm going to head to bed early, so I'm signing off for the night.

Friday, October 01, 2004
Good Morning!!

OK, I'm too stupid to get to bed tonight. I should have been studying for my business test, but I'm putting that off until tomorrow...just no motivation to read right now. Nothing major is going on...getting chillier, went to school and work, didn't get my exercise in unless you count parking lot walking and to classes. I did drink a ton of water though and I ate on plan...even getting my supper in while at work! So that's something remarkable. One of my goals is not to eat after 8 pm anymore. I finally have my phone bill paid, and now my dumb phone isn't working. There is either something wrong with my charger or my battery. I guess I'll have to find out tomorrow... Oh yeah, one more good piece of news...I saw the 250s on the scale today!! Haven't seen that since when I had my gall bladder removed last summer...woohoo! I hope it can stay under like that for my next official WW weigh-in. Ummmm....I'm rambling so I should probably try to get some sleep. More tomorrow...