Saturday, December 16, 2006
Well, I Didn't Lose an Arm...

But, my Pauly was rushed to the emergency room via ambulance on Thursday. Luckily, he's fine...he started getting chest pain and pain down his left arm at work...and of course you think heart attack or stroke so his coach got worried. He went to the regular doc first, and they called the ambulance to get him to the hospital. As I said, he's fine, and we had the same ER doc as last time who really pissed me off. Pauly will be getting a regular doctor here now shortly so we can figure out what the heck is going on with him.

Other than that, things are going Christmas tree is now full of cute ornaments via my May 2007 Knottie Secret Santa and my mom finding some huge snowflake ornaments in my wedding color. I was in charge of my whole floor at work for a few hours while my managers were in some big hush, hush meeting. Maybe I'll be up for a real promotion in the future...not bad for being there for less than a year! There really isn't much to do for planning the wedding right now...I just have to actually order the invitations, start shopping for Pauly's ring next year, and of course wish to win the lottery before May so we can afford this darn thing. I'm eating more fruits instead of junk, and my weight is down 4 pounds since my last scary scale episode. I don't have to worry about fitting in my dress luckily, but darn, I'd still like to look more fit by May!

For now, I must head off to work...there is a big memorial for a coworker that got hit by a truck while he was walking back to work at one of our other call centers, so the schedulers begged us all to come in for overtime...I agreed to do four hours. This now will be my LAST SATURDAY I'll ever work again (as long as stay working here). Hopefully, the time will fly by!