Saturday, December 09, 2006
Christmas Peeps?

I really, really hate those marshmallow peeps. Everybody else in my family loves them! Since when did the company start making Christmas ones??? Yuck!

Well anywho, I have decided that I must start blogging everyday for now on. Keeping my hands occupied keeps me away from grabbing the nasty food that really, really likes to stick on me lately. (Well, except for the holiday Frosty Nerds near my computer desk.) I am so frustrated with my...I dunno what to blame it energy level at dangerously low levels, my lack of self-motivation, or something! The scale numbers keep creeping higher and to be honest, I haven't really done much about it (except whining and making plans I've yet to implement) until last night. 12 pounds have jumped on me in the last two weeks...that is enough to scare me silly!! Starting today, I'm digging out all my resources that worked so well in the past and (GASP!) actually using them! I'll be writing down EVERYTHING that I pop in my mouth again and figure out when and where and what is screwing me up. I will be scheduling in my exercise so I can't just blow it off everyday instead of doing great one day and then skipping the next three days. And yes, since I have already bought the WW monthly pass, I WILL go to my meetings and really track my points and plan my meals instead of guesstimating. I WILL FIT IN MY WEDDING DRESS IN MAY!!!!

I finally have found my other blog and remembered the password...I'm not going to start using it again, but it was really interesting to read what was in there plus the many other entries that I never posted. Plus, there really isn't anything to hide from family members and the fiance anymore. What a difference a year makes! Last year, I was dealing with all the health and mental issues and this year I'm happy and pretty healthy. Yes, I do need to schedule another checkup on the health issues....months past due...but I'm feeling ok mostly. (And thank goodness, my Aunt Flo has finally come back to visit! I knew I wasn't preggers, but I always pack on the pounds when she forgets to show up.) I haven't bumped into ANYBODY that was in group therapy with me since our last day, but I think about them and wonder how they're doing. Last year, it felt like the whole world had turned against me, and now I have someone with me daily who shows me how much I am loved and appreciated. Sure, I was at my lowest weight then, but being depressed and not having the want to get out of bed can do that. I'm not happy with my weight and I will get down again, but I'm told often that I am beautiful, and that feels good.

On the wedding front, I have decided where I'll get my invitations and have a general idea of what they'll look like. I still have to decide on one of the colors, but I hope to have that finalized and get them ordered this month. Paul and I also went to our first pre-wedding session with the pastor of the church. We have to go at least four more times by May. She gave us so many quizzes and readings to do before our next session. She is a little more traditional than I expected, but I hope our ceremony will be a nice blend of what we both want. (She wants us to have communion at the ceremony, but egads, that takes more time plus we'll have many Jewish people there that would feel a bit odd about it. Oh yeah, and she also says we need a hymn for the congregation to sing!! Ewwwwwww!!!) We started going to church, and will continue to do so. Paul actually didn't mind going, so if he's willing, I can handle it.

I have to run off to work (my last Saturday that I'll ever have to work at this company!), so I'll be back again tomorrow!