Wednesday, March 15, 2006
Back in the Saddle Again!

If happiness makes me gain weight, in some ways I wish I was still a bit depressed! Nah, not really...but the scale has surprised me with a 15 pound gain since the beginning of the year. A few of my new friends are feeling the same pain, so we decided to do something about it. On Tuesday, we walked down to the Y during our lunch break to check it out. Our company offers a discount there and it didn't seem too busy when we went. The coordinator gave us a week pass to try out everything.

So today, Molly and I made the commitment and went there this morning. Arrrgh, it seems like it's been soooo long since I really worked out!! We checked out the elliptical and the weight machines.....hit the hot tub....did quite a few laps.....tried the sauna (blaaaaahhhh, it smelled like roasted feet)....and called it good. After that, we had quite a bit of time before work so we wandered around downtown. We're definitely going to join...having it so close to work and a buddy along makes it a bit easier to commit.

When we went on the tour yesterday, a couple of the girls did something that amazed me. These gals weren't the smallest of the group, but they jumped right on the scale and announced their weights to everybody. I would NEVER feel comfortable doing that! What also amazed me was that they were both within about 10 pounds of my weight....I thought I was quite a bit bigger. Holy shit....I still see myself as a blimp, I guess!

What else is new?? Well, my birthday is on Saturday and what are you going to get me? I could probably use a box of hair color :) The stress of having Paul back around again, figuring out if he's true, and working two jobs (one full time and one about 30 hours a week) has made some strands of "light, light, light, light blonde" pop through again. I truly need to make some time for myself, but it really is difficult. I get off the full time job around nine at night and am ready to drop dead. The nights I don't go straight home, I end up out with the work crew wayyyy too late even though job #1 starts at 7 am!! Paul is starting to believe I'm an alcoholic :) Nah, I'm not quite there yet, but I really am going to watch my intake a bit more closely. I like to remember what happened the next day....and not get reminded by camera phone pictures!!!

Well anyways, that is what is going on right now! I'll be back again with more updates soon!