Sunday, March 06, 2005
Reasons Why...

It's 68 degrees and beautiful outside, but I'm in my room wasting the day away! I just have no energy after all the crap I've done this week...finishing a presentation that I didn't do much with until the last minute, studying furiously for accounting and business law, dealing with some personal crud, and working too much. I've been getting to bed so late that I overslept for my first class on Friday. Remember all the exercise I did last week? Well, it didn't happen so much this week. I did eat pretty well though and the scale is down another 1.5 pounds for the week.

So anyways, I've been catching up on reading my favorite blogs that I haven't had a chance to during the week. I was shocked to hear that one of my favorite writers, Beckie, is stopping her challenge. I guess I would stop too if the food fight was affecting my attitude. So far, my focus on food/health has made me happier overall and has helped me realize other goals too. I've been working on a list of reasons why to lose weight/exercise/eat healthy to push me to keep on doing it and not procrastinate.


  1. Exercise is much more comfortable when your thighs aren't creating friction and rashes.
  2. Larger clothing takes up too much room in my suitcase.
  3. No strange arm flappiness when I wave hello/goodbye.
  4. Not having to worry about springing a leak when I laugh too hard.
  5. Being able to see future grandchildren grow up and get married without any medical devices.
  6. No worrying about squeezing into a seat into the auditorium and taking up all the shared arm rest too.
  7. Being able to go to a restaurant and not having people check out exactly how much I eat.
  8. Being able to run a mile without onlookers debating whether they need to call 911.
  9. Cuter clothes! Ann Taylor size 8 here I come! --Jenniy
  10. I cannot wait for the day when I will no longer feel the need to wear pantyhose under everything to smooth out all the rolls and jiggles.--Kerri
  11. I look forward to running down a flight of stairs and not feeling my belly jiggle like a bowl full of jelly.--Renee
  12. I look forward to sitting in my car and not feeling the creases on the sides mashing together.--Renee
  13. Not having my thighs rub together, better yet, if I can achieve that sexy sexy space Windsor Pilates always talks about--Renee
  14. My gut no longer overlapping my jeans when I sit down--Still Renee :)

  15. Shopping for style & pleasure vs. practicality & pain--Renee (I love your extra reasons on your site that spawned so I'm copying!)
  16. Having so much muscle I can eat whatever (w/in reason), eat more calories (good ones of course) and know my metabolism is humming on high vs. being stuck on slow--Renee rocks!
  17. Wearing racerback tanks and capri yoga pants when shopping while looking totally fit--Renee is going strong!
  18. Running a race or two--I ditto on this!
  19. The looks on people who haven't seen me in a while--I'm definitely looking forward to that!
Because I am loving the increase in comments as of late (I will respond to all recent ones a bit later), I'm going to ask for some audience participation. What do you look forward to as a result of achieving weight loss/better eating habits/more exercise? As you add your responses, I'll add them on here. Let's see how long this list can grow!