Friday, February 25, 2005
I Smell Like Weight Loss!

Wow, what a day! I seriously considered skipping the gym tonight, but I convinced myself to go. I ended staying there for TWO HOURS!!! Seriously! And no, I wasn't hanging around in the locker room or sucking up oxygen through my nose either. I started with 30 minutes on the bike. I was getting loopy with the exercise high, so I then ventured to the treadmill and set the timer for 25 minutes....I was feeling like I didn't want to stop, so I set it for 5 more, then 5 more, and so on and so on until I couldn't up my time anymore and ended up with 60 whole minutes!! There was even running involved for a good part of it. But did I stop at the treadmill? Heck no!! The weights and strength training room was looking a bit lonely, so I decided to give it a whirl for 30 minutes.

Woohoo!!! I feel good!! I have a feeling my legs may think otherwise tomorrow, but it was worth it. I'll be back again tomorrow. A guy there told me that the weekends are good because the gym isn't full of New Year's resolutioners or people just preparing for some event. So, I guess I didn't look too retarded on the equipment!! I do lack some serious grace getting on and off the darn strength training machines though :) (Guess he wasn't watching that part!)

To cap off the evening, I had a nice chat with some of my team members from Ediets. I've never laughed so hard in my life!!! We spread rumors, commiserated about getting older, and talked a bit about our big trip to NYC in May. If you live in NYC and see some crazy people in red wigs and thongs around Memorial Day, it'll probably be us!

Time to hit the sack because tomorrow morning comes way too early...