Friday, February 11, 2005
A Fool and Her Money Are Soon Parted

I'm required to take personal finance this semester in school. Being in the banking industry, everybody expects that I should know everything about it. Well, I can tell you what type of loan will help you out the most, or what savings and investments will give you the best return, or how to manage your checking account. But, my finances are another story. I have negative net worth due to student loans, I'm renting so I don't have a huge asset to claim for a home, and I'm cleaning up mistakes from my youth. OK, my youth was only 6-8 years ago, but I've learned from my past mistakes.

Today, I had to pay 1/3 of my tuition for the semester. Due to deciding very late about starting school, I didn't bother trying to get any student loans. Luckily, I get most back from work due to tuition reimbursement, but gosh I sure do feel broke right now! One of our assignments in class was to make a budget. I HATE BUDGETS!! I would so much rather spend some money this weekend at Old Navy (we FINALLY have one and it just opened on Thursday), but I'm really trying to be responsible. Thank goodness, I've already paid off my credit cards and got rid of them, or I'd be so tempted to go on a shopping spree at the mall. I vow to stay strong and stay away from there until the end of the month. I can do it!!

In diet-related news, I've been focusing on eating my fruits and veggies this week. I think that I've focused a bit too much because I am so.....errrrr....well I guess the only way to put it is gassy and having to always hit the bathroom. I went to the bathroom a couple of days ago and I came out 2.5 pounds lighter!!! ARRRGHHH!! Maybe it's time for some Beano :)