Saturday, February 05, 2005
Poopsie Gizzardshorts!!

After my dreary last post, I think it's about time to move on to weightier subjects!!

Besides doing Weight Watchers, I have been a member of Ediets for two years now. I did really well while I followed the menus exactly, and it really taught me a lot of discipline. I got back to drinking tons of water, I exercised daily in my apartment's gym, and I lost 50 pounds in less than a year. The best part of Ediets is not the food plan...back then there were only three to choose from: Convenience, Recipe, or Combo. Now, they cater to almost every darn plan imaginable. I believe the support groups are what can't be beat. They are what keep me as a subscriber. They have groups for different ages, locations, how much to lose, food plans, expert support, new brides, moms, and a ton of different challenges.

I LOVE the Life's Odyssey challenge. It used to be called the Olympic Challenge until Ediets decided that they didn't want to get sued for using the name. In the challenge, you compete with a team...there's about 30 or so teams. You track water consumption, exercise, staying OP, no junk food, 4 servings of fruits and veggies, taking a vitamin, plus there are some other special games during the three weeks. That's not the best part either...the message boards for our team are the best. We commiserate about our troubles, get ideas to keep going, keep our motivation up, and have a ton of laughs! The team I'm playing on now is called the Rising Phoenix...definitely fits my journey. I definitely recommend this challenge to anyone who needs a push :)

So today was one of our goofy days. My new name is Poopsie Gizzardshorts according to Professor Poopypants' Name-Change-O Chart. Also, I've learned thatt I have pretty much no guts according to the Cajones Test. Our team has really turned into a little family...a bunch of us are even meeting up over Memorial Day weekend in NYC. I can't wait!!