Monday, January 17, 2005
Roommate Frustration

Gosh, should I move?? For the past couple months, I've felt like an outsider in my house. I think it all started when our new roommate moved in. The owner of the house and her have really bonded, and I've started to feel a little left out. I've been missing out on a lot of things since starting school, going to the gym more often, and still working 32 hours a week. First it was the Halloween Party...things have just slowly deteriorated since then. Over the Christmas holiday, I noticed that one of the owner's relatives spent a little time in my room. When I came home a couple days ago, the owner gave me a look that felt like, "What are you doing here? Please go!" I politely said Hi since she didn't say anything and went on my merry way to my room. She just got home the day before from her big trip to South Africa and she said that if she didn't come back engaged, that she was dumping her boyfriend. Maybe she dumped him and is cranky about that, so I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt. I couldn't see her ring finger because it was covered by a glove. She's either been working or in her room whenever I've been around, so I have no idea what's going on with her. I just wish I could get our friendship back to where it was this summer.

Besides our friendship cooling off, the room is just too darn small for me now. My collection of stuff has doubled since I've moved in a little over a year ago, not including my fitness equipment!! There wouldn't be any problem if I had the downstairs bedroom...but that was given to the new roommate. Also, the refrigerator is filled to the gills with some crazy concoctions that roommate #2 has made, leaving me almost zero space for my healthy food! I'm only going to be living in this state for another five months...well at least that's what the gameplan I don't know if I should stick it out a little longer or not. I have looked into a roommate website where month to month rentals are allowed, but then I'd have to get everything packed up and who knows what the other person would be like!! As I've said before, I hate making these decisions. If only I had a little decision fairy to help me out.

Moving on to happier subjects...I'm down 3 pounds this week, so another pound has left me since my last update. I still am not quite on track with my exercise yet since the two week relapse, so next week may bring more success!!