Tuesday, January 11, 2005
Dead Weight

Oh my, I have really let myself go healthwise this week due to the ordeal with grandpa. It was just a week ago last night when we first brought him to the hospital...now he's in the ground. The funeral was beautiful, my cousin did great with his eulogy, and the day was darn cold but the sun came out. I've been grazing on sweets, getting in no exercise except walking from room to room at grandma's, drinking a bunch of pop and other caffeinated beverages, and just eating whatever is put in front of me. The scale groaned at me when I reluctantly stood on it in order to view the damage. I've gained at least 5 POUNDS!! Egads!!!

So, it is time to take some measures to get me back on track this week! Today, I'm focusing on water and exercise. I will drink at least 64 oz. of water today...not Diet Dr. Pepper (have you tried the cherry vanilla kind yet?)!! I will also do 30 minutes of exercise. I know grandpa would want me to get back to my routine and get healthy. I have missed a couple WW meetings in a row, so I am contemplating if I want to go today or put it off until Saturday. I will not put it off until next week though If I can find my No Weigh In card, I am going to drop in unless my family decides to head up to grandma's again. And if I go to WW, I will be going to my aerobics class!!! I have to get back there...even if I need to tape The Biggest Loser finale. If I could handle being off work and have no classes, I'd soooo volunteer to be on there. The weight loss is unrealistic for real people with lives, but man, I'd love to be pushed and prodded by trainers, have meals prepared for me, and have so much time to devote for exercise.

Alright, I'm starting to ramble, so I better head to class before I write a novel :)