Friday, December 24, 2004
How Many Spares Do I Need???

Christmas Eve morning...I only have one present left to buy, but my mom just gave me a list of what she still needs to purchase. She is stuck working until stores close today, and I'm doing the "good daughter" thing. She has been in such a mood lately with her MS and the stepfather being such an ass, so maybe this task will give her something not to complain about! We were going to finish shopping yesterday after I took her to the doctor, but we got sidetracked after I locked my key to the door in the car!! Here's how it happened....
  1. A couple of days ago, I had to scrape my windows (not a big deal.)
  2. I wanted to let my car warm up, so I took my outside lock key off my chain just in case my doors decided to auto lock. That way, I could unlock my door and get inside! See, I learned after having to call a locksmith four times last year!! (I found out that my model of car is very prone to having my doors automatically lock in cold weather...reason #57438950374 to get rid of the damn thing.)
  3. I forgot to put the key back on the chain later on and thought I put it in my pocket that morning. I left it inside accidentally along with my phone and badge to get into work.
  4. Silly me did not actually bring one of the spare keys made along with me...they were all at my house!
So, we called my sister to go pick us up at the hospital (it took her an hour for her to get there since she thinks she has to primp.) By that time, we were ready for a late lunch....and then I only had 30 minutes before I had to be at work. My mother didn't get much shopping taken care of last night, so I have to go through those evil crowds to finish it up. Did I mention that I hate people???

Paul is still not here. Do I think he'll make it? Nope. Does he say he will? Yep. His mom was diagnosed with cancer about 8 months or so ago....his grandma died from the same type about 2 years ago now...and when she was brought into the hospital last week, they found out it had spread to her lungs. She is doing horribly, and is feeling like his grandmother did right before she of course, he has some guilty feelings about leaving. Please, don't let her die now! I understand he needs to be there, but gosh, am I bad for having selfish thoughts? I haven't been able to see him in forever, and I really would like him to finally meet my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. Then, I'll never have to be bugged about my love life again :) I have been really understanding, but I'm sooooo frustrated right now in more ways than one. I need some hugs and kisses and touching and....well, you get the idea. Santa, could you please wave a magic wand to cure my future MIL and get Paul here NOW???? Oh, I'd be so grateful.

Look at my temp over at right side panel. It is shivermetimbersfreezemyboobsoff COLD!!! As I'm typing, the temp is -5 F and the wind chill is much worse. After my Paul request is taken care of, I'd love if my weather would be more Bermuda-like!! The snow from Tuesday is completely gone...just the cold remains. The wonderful meteorologist says we'll have a heat wave tomorrow with a high of 40. Time to dig out the bikini!

Merry Christmas/Festivus/Winter Solstice/late Hanukkah/(Fill in your Holiday) to all of you! I am giving my blog a gift tomorrow by adding some pictures! Woohoo :) Plus, I'll have another wonderful post that will tell you all more than you ever wanted to know about me.