Monday, December 13, 2004
$%#!!$ Finals!!!

I'm going to be scarce this week...don't worry my few returning visitors!! I have semester finals this week. My computer instructor already ticked me off today...he lost my folder with all my assignments in it (why he never got around to grading them before is beyond me). Luckily, I have everything saved except one major paper that decided to disappear from my hard drive somehow. So, I'm going to have to figure out another quick masterpiece. FUCK!! Oops, excuse my French. I have two accounting tests (one a make-up exam when I missed with the whole ear problem), one marketing test, one psychology test, the computer final, and a marketing presentation (which is a group one that I'm not satisfied with!) Thank goodness my business intro class is over and done with! For some reason, we still have to go to class on Wednesday though. For what??? Another rousing game of Hangman???

I am making time to get my hair chopped off and getting back to my aerobics class tomorrow. I can't believe I've missed two weeks...ok the scale knows it!! And when did I get my last haircut? Not counting my bang trims, I think it was in May when I got highlights. I could be mistaken for a shaggy dog if I'm not careful with this thick mop on top of my head. If the stylist makes another comment on the thickness, I may just have to kick her :) Well, back to the books!!