Sunday, December 05, 2004
Crushing On Jesus

Blasphemy! A few days ago, I went to my sister's sneak preview of the musical Godspell. The musical itself is a little hokey, but the actors did well. Basically, it was the times of Jesus and his crucifixion in modern times. Let me just say that the actor who portrayed Jesus was HOT! He wasn't just cute, but his singing voice was amazing. He could serenade me into bed anytime. I have fantasized many times about having a hot singer as a boyfriend...maybe a rockstar or some emotional, creative, musical soul. I never thought that I would ever fall in a love who couldn't hold a Pauly does try hard though. Just recently (after 4 years of knowing him), he revealed that he does know how to play the piano and performed November Rain in high school. That song is not an easy feat to play!! So, I still have that musical soul of a boyfriend that I always wanted. But man, if I wasn't in love and that Jesus guy was single, and if I had extreme self confidence, I'd make a move!!

I do think dating Jesus (or one that portrays him) would be tough though. I can just imagine the first date...I'd be watching every word I say, and I wonder if he'd make the first move or not. What if he was being a bit too pushy and try to get me into bed too soon?? If I protested, would he bring God into the picture?? And then if I ever dumped him, I could be damned to hell!!! He could say, "That's not what Jesus would do!! I'm going to tell my father!!" Or worse! I'll stick with my dear Paul....that way I can enjoy Christmas and Hanukkah :)