Sunday, November 21, 2004
The Sneeze Part 2!!

Wow, this is my second post for the day. That's a good clue to how much I'm procrastinating with studying for my business test tomorrow. So, I was looking through my stats, and I noticed that I actually had someone had checked out my page by using a keyword. What??? Not from the Blog Explosion surfing or from another site where I lurk??? This has to be some kind of miracle!! I'm third on the list for Google for a "sneeze attack" search!! It's the post that will make me famous....ha! I should start keeping a running tally on my sneezes. I think my highest is 18. Unfortunately, it isn't even close to beating a Guiness record. I think someone sneezed for hours and hours straight. If I ever go that long, I really hope someone will kill me to get me out of my misery!!

Other news...I thanked my lucky stars yet again that I do not share the same blood line as my stepdad. He had another of his lovely manic fits when my boyfriend called me while I was over there today. He is jealous of him....and it is really disgusting. We won't go into those reasons right now about why my stepfather cannot stand any man that comes into my life. Every other person in his family is either manic-depressive or dumber than a box of rocks. That estimate isn't very scientific, but I bet I'm right. I don't think I could live with myself for reproducing if my child would end up being something like him. I seriously think he needs some kind of mother agrees, the family agrees, but he just refuses to get evaluated by a psychologist. I think he's afraid to find out what's wrong with him, or that he has just too many skeletons in his closet that he doesn't want to get out.

I realized that I didn't update about my last weigh-in...I swore that I did, but maybe it got ate by the Blogger gods. Well, I lost 5.8 pounds as of Tuesday!! The old gal that weighed me just about had a heart attack!! So, I'm back on track for losing at least one pound a week since starting. Woohoo!! Because of my retarded knee that is still aching a bit, I missed my aerobics class again. I just hope that doesn't mean gain at the scale this week! I'll have to bust some ass over the next couple eating has been a bit sloppy this weekend.

Well, I must get back to studying, so I vow not to go surfing for credits till Wednesday!! I have two tests in the next two days and some major computer class homework to catch up on. I'll be back if I make it through it all :)