Saturday, October 23, 2004
Sorry I'm Late!!

Gosh, this week just flew by!!! Things are going ok, but I still have major work to do on making my exercise a habit again. I've made this wonderful life schedule with all my crud fit in, but I haven't implemented it fully. I'll have to after the darn conference. Yep, I'm going to a wonderful business conference in the mecca of Aberdeen, SD, population 25,000. Woohoo, can you tell my excitement? I'm reeking of sarcasm :) I hope that the hotel has a gym!!

Oh yeah, had my WW weigh-in on Tuesday. I was not shocked since I remember the day that the extra pounds appeared on the scale last week and my lovely Aunt Flo was playing peekaboo...and she still is!! I hope I lose that extra this week plus a bit more. I went to my aerobics/sculpt class Tuesday as well...we had a different instructor. OMG, she was totally a slavedriver...she'd be wonderful with a whip, I'm sure. I was sore, but a good sore, after the class was if our regular instructor is back next week, I may pop in on the other one sometime again just to get totally pushed to my limit. We used a lot of equipment that we hadn't used before, like the weighted bar and the stretchy bands. That day was the only day I made it to the gym...I have no excuse not to get there three times this week. That is definitely going to be my goal along with trying out my FIRM videos that finally got here!!

Tonight, my roommate Erin invited me to eat supper with her friends and then go to the Halloween corn maze. I don't know if she did because I just happened to get home at the right time, or if she is just nice like that!! I haven't known her long enough. She made some awesome spinach stuff...I'll have to ask her the name because I forgot. I didn't think I liked spinach but this was good and healthy! She also made some baklava with crushed walnuts in it....mmmmmm. Gotta love having a dietician intern in the place! After the fun I had with them tonight, I'm feeling a little guilty about secretly looking for another place.

Since I'll be gone for the business conference, I may not get back here until Tuesday to post again. I hope to have great news to report then!!