Monday, October 18, 2004
I'm a Slacker!!

Oh my!!! It is Monday again, and I am behind on my goals again for the week. I had planned on getting some form of exercise in every day. I did well until Thursday, and then I have been slacking off since, unless I count walking. Why do I do this??? I loved the excitement of losing 2.6 pounds last I'm feeling bloated and icky. I'm sure getting my period popping up for two days, and now mysteriously absent again today is not helping, but I need to quit making the excuses. While I was at work on Saturday, I worked out a schedule of possible times to exercise and what to do. I WILL make myself stick to it!! I plan to reward myself with a haircut if I can. I've been putting off the haircut for awhile, and I can no longer make it look presentable!! Time and money is always a factor. So, I've got the money put away and I will treat myself to a nice one...not a cheapy Fantastic Sam's one either!! On the flip side, I have been eating well on plan...even when I ate with my family on Saturday, I did not succumb to the screaming from the buffet table...I stopped when I felt satisfied, not because my plate was clean. Woohoo!!