Friday, September 17, 2004
Would You Pleeeeaaaasssseeee Stop?!?!?

Well, I did it!! I joined a gym :) I found one that is soooo cheap and not crowded...I think it will be good. The guy who signed me up was soooo damn flirty...he probably acts that way to any woman so she'll join. We both were biology majors, he's only a few years older, he has this freaky spiky hairstyle, blah, blah...that's about what I learned about him. I had found out the prices before I went, but dang, I even got a better deal than what they told me!! I haven't used it yet, but I will tomorrow!!

In other news, that damn TOM has not left the building yet! No, not a guy named Tom, my Time of the Month!! It's been two weeks....I thought it had ended and the next day, there was a darn explosion in my pants!! TMI, I know....but my body is freaky!! I know, I really need to get that checked out, but I'm a darn wuss. I have went through the Pap and the vaginal ultrasound...ok at least attempted to get through it, and I just do not like probes stuck in there!! I'm praying that the exercise will make it stop...I was running like clockwork last year when I had a regular exercise routine. At least, TOM isn't causing me pain right now.

Also, I so need to go to the eye doctor. My supervisor was chatting with me and asked how I was feeling...I had a sinus cold about a week ago, so I thought it was a fair question. I told her I felt fine, and then she asked if I wore contacts or glasses. She said that my eyes looked foggy like when I'm sick and that I seemed to be squinting a bit... She was going to say something else but stopped herself...maybe her next question was going to be if I was on drugs...LOL!! I need a new prescription terribly...haven't went since my last pair of contacts died.

Oh, I'm so ready to lose weight!! I haven't decided my awards or mini goals yet, but damn I have the worst rash from belly fat rolls ever!! I soaked in the tub tonight so it wouldn't sting so bad and put some lotion on feels a bit better! I can't wait till I lose a roll!! Don't think that I forgot the nasty prickly crap going on between the legs either....I can't wait till my thighs don't rub together so much!!

One last thought...when I lose 50 pounds, I'm dumping Pauly boy unless he visits me by then. I don't care if I'm alone....doing a long-distance relationship is pretty much like being alone. He's great and all...tells me how much he loves me, comforts me when I'm down, gives me all kind of support, and says all kinds of sweet shit....but I NEED ACTION!! I need kisses, caresses, hugs, massages, being able to look into his eyes while he's talking, holding hands, etc. If he can't get it together and give it to me, I have to move on. It'll be damn near impossible, but I will do it!!