Sunday, September 12, 2004
Good Mail Time!!

Why do developers have to change things that are working just fine??? Today at work, we had to start using a new program that is supposed to be so wonderful....all it did was take a hell of a lot of time to load and made me enter in a ton more than usual. What kind of progress is that??? I guess the WF tech dudes were bored one day and decided, "How can we fuck up the lives of bankers a little bit more?" "I know, Chip, lets design a program update and then make them use it before ANY bugs are worked out!!" (There has to be a computer guru named Chip out offense to non-evil programmers named Chip!) By the time my shift was over, I had a fierce headache and was dying for some comfort food! Thank god I had some 100 Calorie Bag Oreo Crisps...those things aren't bad!! One bag helped me sooooo much!!

When I got home, I noticed that I had two letters....not bills, not a "Welcome to WW" postcard (luckily I got the mail that day so my roommates don't know my secret club yet...LOL!), but real mail!! The first one was a letter from a local radio station alerting me that I am a finalist to win a brand new Monte Carlo...I sure couldn't remember entering any crazy contest, but I'll sure as heck take the prize!! After talking to my parents, I found out that my stepdad entered all of us into a drawing awhile back...he has this thing about signing up for any darn contest with a box!! My next piece of mail contained free movie tickets!!! These tickets aren't for the cheap $2 matinee place that plays movies right before they hit video...they were for the fancy schmancy theater with the love seats and yummy popcorn and awesome sound!! Jackpot!! The card explained that it was a gift for referring my sister to my dentist. Damn, I'm going to get my whole family to switch to the hot as hell dentist if it gets me stuff like that!! Maybe I'll get a trip if I refer all the people I know :) Hawaii would be mighty nice right now...even NYC to meet up with Paul....hmmmmmm....

So anyways, I ate on plan today but didn't get a lot of exercise in other than walking. Tonight, we went to Applebee's...I tried the grilled chicken skillet from the WW menu this time (7 points!!) was good, but not as good as the fish thing...the tapica or whatever the heck it was the last time I went. After that, we split the berry lemon cheesecake dessert....ooohhhh that is sooooo yummy!! And only 1.25 points when you split it with 4 people!!! Tomorrow, I'm seriously going to burn some calories cleaning my room...I've been putting that off forever....and getting to know Leslie again with WATP. Next week, my Core Secrets is due to come and I'm going to get it on with that damn ball!!