Wednesday, August 25, 2004
Guys in Cowboy Hats

I know most people in other states think the residents in South Dakota are a bunch of hicks or country bumpkins....even sometimes get us confused with the rednecks!! Now, in some parts, that thinking isn't that far off, but in Sioux Falls, I consider us to have a little more "citified" ways. No herds of cattle running loose, not having to wait forever for decent movies to come to town, at least 5 major workout facilities with many branches.... you get the picture.

Well, today I just could not concentrate in psychology class once this cowboy wannabe strolled in the room!! He had a huge black 10-gallon hat ala Garth Brooks or one of those other sad country singers, a huge brass belt buckle, and cowboy boots. He has his thumbs hooked in his belt loops and sauntered to his desk. His shirt advertises one of those comics...I think from the Blue Collar Comedy hour...with the words on the back saying "Git Ir Done". Now, common courtesy would have you think that he'd remove his hat after he sat down. But no, he just leans back in his chair....I almost expect him to prop his feet on the table. If only he'd have on chaps and a farmer's tan, he'd fit the impression that most outsiders think of us...LOL! Maybe he was screaming for attention, maybe he had a bad hair day, but it was soooo hard to read the board with that hat!!

So I ponder, what is he hiding under that hat?? Does he have a bowl haircut?? Big ears?? Maybe he's looking for an overall slimming effect. I then debate about walking past and bumping his hat off with my elbow.... I quickly decide not to because his boots look lethal. Now, I can't remember if I saw him in class the other day....this could be a daily fashion faux pas. I suppose I could just ask him to remove it, but where would be the fun in that??? I'd actually have to pay attention in class....::SIGH:: No more imagining where he's went in his boots, if he's had any good bar room brawls anyway, what size his horse is or if he even has one....

Well anyways, on the health side, I had a good day....didn't skip a meal, drank a bunch of water, did the exercise. I was planning on checking out WW with my mom, but she got called in to work....guess I'll have to wait till next week since the Tuesday meetings are the only day that works, and I really don't want to go alone if there are a lot of old bitties or stuck up snots there!! My work has a plan where they reimburse me for meetings I attend...I can't believe it!! I'm all about taking all the free money from there that I can....that's one reason I'm back in school again. That adventure will have to wait..